Friday, February 13, 2009

I Ride My Bike

i'm still suffering from my neuroma. i can't run. i haven't run since coaching the tucson running camp. it's not the end of the world, but it sucks. what i miss most i think are the early morning cougar runs with the boyz in the nasty weather.

with the atrocious backcountry skiing in pacnw i have been trying to ride my bike a lot. it doesn't seem to bother my neuroma too much. with no real goal in mind i've been trying to hold on to what is left of my endurance by riding long"ish". i've been averaging 150 mile weeks, with two forays into the 250 mile weeks. i'm hopeful to get 300 this week if all goes well. my pace can only be described as LSD (long slow distance).. on the vintage '80 vitus (donated by my buddy matthew noell and picutred above). i'm slow. but i'm enjoying it thoroughly. did 77 miles yesterday and am recovered and eager to ride again later today with justin and kimberly.

i've got some ideas about a possible return to endurance mtn bike racing. gotta make lemonade right?

the tour of california starts tomorrow. check out this article and video on the press conference with lance telling a reporter "you're not worth the chair you're sitting on". here are a couple more videos iLike, and armstrong's twitter is an interesting read. i twitter on my facebook, much to the chagrin of my fb friends i'm sure.

the look

the ride (i love how the lil' football player at the end catches lances's wheel)

i don't head out the door without these bike booties


Grae Van Hooser said...

With you background you sound like a prime candidate for some mountain bike 100's like Leadville, the Endurance 100 in Park City, or Tahoe Sierra 100 this summer in Soda Springs, CA.Like their running counter parts, they are growing very popular.

Hart said...

yeah it could be a lot of fun to get into it again. we'll see.

i see a new dr tomorrow.