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2009 nuun Ultrarunners!

nuun's 2009 ultrarunners

Justin Angle

Justin has been competing in endurance sports for over 15 years. As an All-Ivy League rower at the University of Pennsylvania, Justin graduated in 1996 with a degree in Finance. After college, he pursued bike racing and then found a niche as a triathlete, racing competitively at the Ironman distance. Upon moving to Seattle in 2003, Justin decided to focus exclusively on running and turned his attention to the trails. In the last five years, he has completed over 35 ultra-marathons ranging from 50k to 100-miles, with 5 wins and consistent top-10 finishes. Highlights include an age-group win at the 2007 USATF 50-Mile Trail Run National Championships and three podium finished at the 100-mile distance in 2008. When he is not running, Justin is working toward a Ph.D. in Marketing and Psychology at the University of Washington. Justin's favorite Nuun flavor is Orange-Ginger. Yummay!
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Devon Crosby-Helms

After a great 2008, with victories at every distance from marathon to 100 miles (in her debut at the distance) Devon Crosby-Helms is looking forward to another great year of racing in 2009. Her plans for 2009 include the Boston Marathon in which she'll be racing in the Elite Women's Start and attempting a 2:40. She'll also be having her third appearance on the 100k National Team racing in Belgium in June. During the 09 season, she will also test herself with various trail ultras and other marathon, as well as numerous pacing duties for friends 100 mile efforts. She is also hoping to race the Trans Alpine.
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Ty Draney

In 2009 Ty is looking to build on successes that came during the last year of racing. Last year he was able to try his hand at stage racing, set a couple of course records, and finally broke into the win column for a 100-mile mountain run (after 7 top-4 finishes), at the Bear 100. His 2009 race schedule includes the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon, the Pocatello 50, the Logan Peak Trail Marathon, Where's Waldo 100k (U.S. National Championships), and the Bear 100. Throw in some coaching,camp and race directing, and some serious family time and no matter what happens-2009 is shaping up to be eventful and exciting.

Race Favorites: Orange Ginger (double), Tri-Berry, Lemon Lime (w/ a lemon chai "U") -all on the rocks!

Post Race: Gogi Berry Green Tea w/ a Reuben from Glady's Place and a huckleberry soda.
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Scott Dunlap

Scott Dunlap is back on Team Nuun for 2009 after running over 20 ultras last year and documenting them all on his award-winning blog, A Trail Runner’s Blog.. He had a number of top finishes, including winning the 2008 Redwood Park 50k and winning his age group in the Pacific Coast Trail Runs Ultra Series. Scott’s 2009 season includes Western States, the Montrail Cup, the Pacific USATF Ultra Series, and the USATF Trail Marathon Championships in November where he will certainly consume plenty of Cola-flavored Nuun, his personal favorite.

Bruce Grant

Bruce has been an ultra-distance athlete for the last twentyish years. After a dozen years racing Ironman triathlons, he transitioned his passion for endurance towards ultra trail running. Career highlights include a first-overall placing at the 6-day / 300km MOOSE stage race (Marathon Of Ontario Summer Edition), completion of the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, multiple finishes at the Hardrock 100-mile event (using 36 nuun tablets to get through last year's race!), and a number of top-ten overall and age group results. Bruce is also the Series Director of the BC Ultra Trailrunning Series, a group of events throughout the province that focuses on grassroots participation, friendly competition, and promotion of the sport.
Plans for 2009 include Coyote 2 Moon and Hardrock 100 milers, the new Scorched Sole 50-mile course, hiking the West Coast Trail, and the Kalaharie Augrabies Extreme stage race in South Africa. He will also be helping set and evaluate a new 100-mile course in BC.
Bruce loads up his nuun tubes with four alternating flavours of tablets for his 100 milers, so he'll never know what yummy one will come out next.
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Sean Meissner

After having a blast at Trans Rockies last August with Hart, Sean broke through an invisible barrier and finished up 2008 with 3 new p.r.'s. He hopes to use that new-found speed to help him train harder and faster so he can improve even more this year. His plans include Jed Smith, Hagg Lake, Run to the Sun, Eugene Marathon, McDonald Forest, Western States, Canadian Death Race, Trans Rockies (hopefully), Lithia Loop Trail Marathon, a crack at another marathon p.r., some of the fun shorter races around central Oregon, and plenty of mountain adventures with Sascha and friends. Sean is also the race director for the Peterson Ridge Rumble 30k/60k, and a volunteer coach for the Sisters High School Cross Country Team, of which all the kids are now addicted to nuun (Sean is affectionately referred to as the team's nuun/crack dealer).
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Karl Meltzer

I'm an Ultrarunner, I run many miles over technical terrain quickly.

I've been running for 29 years, with a few "rest" years in my early twenties.

I started running Ultras in 1996, and have currently finished 98 ultras, with 48 wins to my credit. 23 wins are at the 100 mile distance, I have more 100 mile trail wins than any ultrarunner on earth. I am currently running (2) 50k's this year, one 50 mile run and six 100 mile mountain races...possibly more depending on how the season pans out. The first will be the Massannutten 100 on May 14, followed by Bighorn, Hardrock, Wasatch, Bear and Grindstone.
Running is my passion more than any other aspect of life...except my wife of course! The addiction is strong and compelling, and the need to just run is always in my brain.

NUUN has played a strong part in my success over the past 2 years. Along the AT and all the other races I've raced in the recent past. Now go run!
Brian Morrison

Brian began running trail ultras in 2002. Since then he has run over 30 races from 50k to 100 miles. Having run consistently well from 50k to 50 miles, he's still striving to run that perfect hundred mile race. He'll be attempting to achieve this feat at the Western States 100 this coming June. In preparation for States, Brian will be racing the Chuckanut 50k, Rainshadow 50k, Diez Vista 50k, and Miwok 100k. The best thing that Brian had ever tasted while running is Kona Kola on ice.
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Ashley Nordell

Ashley is looking forward to a fun and exciting 2009 racing season. Her primary goal for the year is to stay injury free and ward off the persistent injuries that seem to come back every season.. She will be traveling to the Pemberton 50k in February, Three Days of Syllamo in March, and the Bighorn 100 in June. She is still deciding between some 50 milers to use as training runs for Bighorn. For an adventure, Ashley will be joining her dad, husband, and some friends for a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run in February, as well as possibly running the Tahoe Rim Trail over the summer. Ashley feels she still has some unfinished business at Angeles Crest 100, so she may also be toeing the starting line in Wrightwood come September.

Geoff Roes

Geoff's quite new to the ultrarunning scene but has wasted no time rising toward the top. He ran his first ultra less than 3 years ago but has quickly built a resume of success highlighted by wins in all three 100 milers he's run. His best performance to date was winning the Wasatch 100 in 2008 with the 4th fastest time in race history. Geoff's hope for 2009 is to continue to improve and test himself against as many top level runners as possible. If all goes as planned he'd like to race at least 4 or 5 hundred mile races this year, hopefully including Western States or Hardrock. Geoff's favorite Nuun flavor is Orange Ginger.
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Lisa Smith Batchen

My name is Lisa Smith-Batchen and feel that I live an extraordinary life full of great people and amazing opportunities! The older I get the more gratitude I feel for life itself.
I love endurance sports of all kinds but most of all running and cycling. My greatest joy is being a wife and mother as well as waking up with NO aches or pains.
My greatest dream is to be the best wife, mother, daughter, friend, coach, student of life and to be able to continue to use my love for sports to raise money for Aids Orphans. In 2008 I was able to raise over $535,000! Blessed? Yes.
Lisa Smith-Batchen
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