Sunday, January 18, 2009 - One Deal At A Time!

road bikers rejoice!
let's face it, is core. they are also smart. aside from they run a handful of one deal at a time sites that help you feed you addiction and not break the bank. they sell top of the line products at wholly shit cheap prices. when i was in their office this summer their own employees were scampering to buy some full carbon fiber road bike online. their latest site is for road cyclist. it's called check it out (if only because my roadie shoot is used for the ads)

It's In the Blood

Have you ever purchased a single month of cable T.V. just to watch the Tour? Shaved your legs to avoid road-rash? Calculated out your ideal Q-factor? Weighed the benefits of titanium versus carbon fiber with the intensity of an aerospace engineer? Pushed yourself to the point that you fall over trying to clip out? We have. We know. Join us.

Here's how it goes down:

  • We slap a primo piece of cycling gear on our site at a scandalous price.
  • We sell it 'til it's gone.
  • You leave feeling like you just lapped Lance on a time trial.
  • The gear arrives fast and you're back in the saddle.

Sign up for Instant Alertsso you always know The Deal. But don't blame us if you overdose.

.. and in case you are curious, and i know you are. here are some of the other sweet one deal at a time sites:

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