Sunday, January 4, 2009

Backcountry Skiing Steven's Pass Jan 4th

copson, me and mike

we had an amazing day of skiing off of heather ridge the day before i left to coach the tucson marathon des sables running camp. we were extremely lucky to get out on this day because washington then had that crazy weather event that flooded everything. i am back in town now and freezing levels are still super high. it doesn't look good.

while we were out we dug our pit and took a video of the rutschblock that is pretty cool. steve copson goes for a ride on an RB5 at 90cm.

getting a pit dug

on our way up

first day on my new coombas (135, 102, 121 - they were incredible)


my mammut gloves have done me well but they are now wrapped in duct tape to cover the wear holes. i am lusting over the mountain hardwear habanero.

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