Monday, January 19, 2009

Comet Falls Tour - Mount Rainier

the washington backcountry is a train wreck. nasty conditions up at mount rainier on sunday kept our group of mountaineer's ski leaders from our goal of skiing van trump park. it was a good exploration ski tour however. i got to practice some great survival skiing on 45 degree, pocked, icy slopes while the rest of the crew took their skis off and walked down.. well except for chloe. she rips. the area is beautiful and comet falls was pretty sweet. we had to cross a handful of steep avy slopes however, making this a no go with any real avy conditions.

(see if you can pick out the photos taken with the iPhone and those taken by the pro - mike warren)

we crossed some avy slopes

mike skinning up some steep slopes

through the woods, icy and dirty (how i like my women)

sweet bridge crossing

at least the sun was out

Sunday, January 18, 2009 - One Deal At A Time!

road bikers rejoice!
let's face it, is core. they are also smart. aside from they run a handful of one deal at a time sites that help you feed you addiction and not break the bank. they sell top of the line products at wholly shit cheap prices. when i was in their office this summer their own employees were scampering to buy some full carbon fiber road bike online. their latest site is for road cyclist. it's called check it out (if only because my roadie shoot is used for the ads)

It's In the Blood

Have you ever purchased a single month of cable T.V. just to watch the Tour? Shaved your legs to avoid road-rash? Calculated out your ideal Q-factor? Weighed the benefits of titanium versus carbon fiber with the intensity of an aerospace engineer? Pushed yourself to the point that you fall over trying to clip out? We have. We know. Join us.

Here's how it goes down:

  • We slap a primo piece of cycling gear on our site at a scandalous price.
  • We sell it 'til it's gone.
  • You leave feeling like you just lapped Lance on a time trial.
  • The gear arrives fast and you're back in the saddle.

Sign up for Instant Alertsso you always know The Deal. But don't blame us if you overdose.

.. and in case you are curious, and i know you are. here are some of the other sweet one deal at a time sites:

for the skier - -

for the mtn biker -

for the backcountry skier -

for the painfully hip -

for the jibber -

Training With The Mountaineers

in an effort to lead backcountry ski trips for the mountaineers i've been attending the required classes. ski leader training, avy refresher and a leader ski tour.

talking avy

some things i made a mental note of during avy refresher:
  • most complete burials are four feet down
  • most complete burials are found in the prone position (lying face down)
  • there are no recorded instances of multiple complete burials where someone did not die. basically that means if two or more of your friends are fully buried, statistically someone isn't coming home (note that if you bought me an americano on the way to the mtns that morning i'm more likely to dig you up first).
  • strategic digging: from the exact spot the beacon indicates start digging downslope 1.5x the probe depth. dig uphill about your arm wing span wide. you are going to be moving a lot of snow and they have about 15 minutes of life.... better get diggin partna.
(photo by mike warren)
playing with the bca tracker

during this avy refresher i had the chance to use the pieps dsp(first all-digital triple-antenna beacon) and the bca tracker. the tracker is known for it's ease of use and it did not disappoint. super simple and easy.. intuitive even. the piepshowever was hands down the best beacon i've used. it's multi-burial features seem to put it in a class by itself. but as we learned above the reality is you will focus on getting just one friend out, leaving the other to die - so your beacon might not need all that functionality (kidding.. sort of).

(photo by mike warren)
k2 skis are very popular in the backcountry (thanks mike hatrup)

(photo by mike warren)
the view from a snow trench

the view from the nicest snow trench on the block

pieps dsp beacon

bca tracker beacon

Friday, January 16, 2009

NPR Interview

part of my morning ritual includes listening to the NPR news. back in november i was contacted by the NPR's seattle affiliate to do an interview. this tuesday i headed down to their university district radio station to sit down with jeremy richards and chat about my ultra distance racing.

yesterday they aired the interview. other than having to bleep me twice, i think it went pretty well.
you be the judge - sound focus page | mp3 of interview

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Laird Hamilton's Force of Nature

i just read laird hamilton's force of nature. i think laird is an amazing athlete and i was hoping the book would be a treasure trove of great health, nutrition and athletic training info. for me, it wasn't. i will say it would take a lot to impress me at this point since i read a lot of these types of books. force of nature is definitely a good, well written and pretty book. there are tons of pictures of laird's abs, and they are very nice abs. for me the book lacked any sort of ground breaking info. however i think it would be a good read for anyone not already in the health biz, or anyone intrigued by laird in general. the latter is the main reason i kept reading it even though there was nothing new in it for me. so it was an entertaining read none the less.

foods laird doesn't eat:
  1. Bread
  2. Pizza
  3. Soda
  4. Cheese
laird don't eat dairy - he has a section where he talks about dairy and how pasteurized foods are stripped of their nutrients. when i eat i try to eat close to the source, whole natural and unprocessed foods. dairy products are heavily processed. laird suggests only eating unpasteurized or raw. i've never tried it but i'll do anything once.

i couldn't be a bigger proponent of the non dairy lifestyle. i happen to be lactose intolerant. actually, everyone is lactose intolerant, just to varying degrees. we are the only species that drinks another species milk. for some dairy works. i would say most people could reap some benefits from limiting their intake of pasteurized dairy products.

try this: don't eat dairy for one week and see how you feel. for me it was an earth moving discovery. dairy and the inflammation caused by it was completely connected to my allergies and my asthma. once i gave it up my allergies and my asthma improved greatly. now when i cheat i actually start to wheeze... and yes i cheat on occasion. although if i have a race coming up i'm adamant about not eating dairy for at least that entire week prior. it has paid huge dividends for me... try it and let me know what you think. actually don't bother commenting to the blog with your own pro-dairy comments until you have actually taken a week off and have some perspective.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dreamchasers Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - Day 5

today was a blast.. although we certainly got a slow start as you'll see (well except for hans - this 69 year old is a machine!).

UPDATED: as camp comes to an end and airport shuttles are leaving the cycling house i figured i'd update the blog quickly. this camp was great. camps always are. it's so much fun to get to know each one of the campers throughout the week, and totally and completely geek out on running.

i'm already looking forward to the next camp.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dreamchasers Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - Day 4

camp is a truly a unique and fun environment. tonight after dinner we played celebrity heads. great game.. thanks tess!

in the desert we drink nuun

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dreamchasers Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - Day 3

today was a great day with temps hitting the mid 70's in tucson. we ran in bear canyon on an amazing trail that wound it's way up to a cascading waterfall.

today's quote of the day came from an camper who has raced marathon des sables before. he was talking about how cocky ironman athletes are often humbled by the 6 day staged race through the sahara desert...
"at mds ironman athletes are just a source of free food"
... classic.

in the desert we drink a lot of nuun

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dreamchasers Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - Day 2

up at 6am and teaching yoga by 6:30. we got a great start to today's mds running camp. after another top notch meal at the cycling house we headed to esperrero trail for a great 2+hr run. we also took some time to video everyone's running form and reviewed it as a group after a great lunch (naan and lentils with two salads!!). the afternoon run was in a wash so the campers could work on their sand running.

in the desert we drink nuun

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreamchasers Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - Day 1

Marathon Des Sables Running Camp - January 2009 - Tuscson, AZ

today was day 1 of our running camp in tucson, az. we're hosting it at the cycling house run by owen gue and his professional cyclist friends. first impression has been great, but talk to me after dinner.. which i'm anxiously waiting for! the house is big, beautiful, very clean and is super close to the surrounding trails. and the trails here are sweet! and i've seen some trails in my day. technical, rocky, sandy, massive canyons and rock spires everywhere.. i think this is going to be a great week!

we drink nuun cause it works!