Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Contest - And The Winner Is...

first thank you everyone who sent me photos. there were some really great shots and narrowing them down was pretty hard. my presentation on ultra and trail running at the mountain hardwear store in seattle was good dirty fun. i had so much great video from the last year that i didn't actually even use any photos. but for letting me use them in this blog alone was worth the effort.

here are the top 7- the winner is the last one, and yes it has some sentimental value. but that is what a good photo does. it makes you stop and take a deeper look.. for whatever reason.
not having the full context of the photos i've given them my own names.

baby ultrarunner by thomas riley

serenity now by glenn tachiyama

a day at the show by thomas riley

pac northwest chin scraping by glenn tachiyama

staring contest by greg norrander

canada rocks by mike freeman

the winner!

grand rail by greg norrander

i am saving my pennies for a bd whippet, so i can leave the ice axe at home.


garobbins said...

Hey, my auto blog feed wasn't working and I didn't realize it...was wondering why no one was updating! Sorry I missed out, awesome pics so far!

Peter Lubbers said...

Great pictures!

Jonny-eh said...

Sweet shots!