Monday, December 1, 2008

Mount Rainier - A Ski From Camp Muir

all video and photos courtesy of steve copson

i was sitting in colin and bizzy's house thanksgiving day having arrived in seattle about 24hrs prior. my mind was sort of overwhelmed with the fact that i am now living in seattle again. that line of thinking led me to thinking about all the cool things i can do in the pacific northwest. since there is no real snow yet in washington, my thoughts turned to mount rainier (14,411ft). taking the iphone out of my pocket it was time to make things happen. text, vmails and emails flew out to everyone i know with skins and/or snowshoes and fitness. just two responded in the affirmative; clint and of course copson.

we got a late start because my alarm didn't wake me up (or didn't go off). so i was in the dog house until we hit camp muir. the snow level is about 7,500ft or so. which means a 2,000 foot hike before you can put the skis and skins on. carrying all that weight on my back killed my neuroma. i had forgotten my insoles so my shoes were not optimal and i was paying the price. i hiked kind of disappointed with that fact thinking "if skiing hurts it too, then what am i going to do with myself all winter while i'm not running?".

much to copson's dismay the the hike to camp muir on mount rainier is just under 5,000 feet. it's more like 4,750 feet. getting there a bit later because of me turned out to actually work in our favor. we started our ski descent at the perfect time. the "shiney" glaze had a chance to warm up, but not too much. the top of the snowfield was scratchy ice but it quickly became hollering inducing soft spring corn. check the video of me rockin' it...

first day on skis is in the books. i wasn't sore at all the next day. i was pretty excited about this as it proves that my recent workouts have been very effective in preparing me for the ski season. i'm applying the same workouts and theory to my coaching clients. it's going to be a great winter. i wore my montrail stratos on the way up.. and of course we were all drinking nuun all day long, mine out of my new platypus insulated bladder.


fastgrrrl said...

Looks fun. Nice pics.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

sending good energy that your condo rents soon and that the foot is feeling better!

saschasdad said...

Nice day on the mountain.

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

look forward to our back country shred session in a few weeks time!

Ty Draney said...

Sweet R1-good to see you're out and about.

Hart said...

thanks guys.. it was sickter, off the rickter - as the canadians like to say! speaking of canucks - jen.. as soon as the snow flies i'm coming to b.c.!!

Meghan said...

Did you just say, "It was sickter, off the rickter?" I'm sorry, what was that?

Hi Matt!

Sorry to hear about the neuroma. Damn, that sucks.

I hope Seattle treats you well!