Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got a Sweet Photo? Win Some Free Montrails & a Beanie

i'll trade you a pair of montrail sandals and a backcountry.com beanie for a photo.

i'm doing a trail running and ultrarunning presentation on saturday. i was going to email all my friends and ask for some new photos to 'freshen up' the presentation that i presented last year at the portland store. instead .. i'm having a CONTEST! whoever sends me the best trail running photo (in my opinion) gets a coupon card for a free pair of montrail flip flops (i literally live in the molokai) and this sweet backcountry.com nepal beanie. let's recap...

What You Win:

How To Enter:
- email me your wicked awesome trail running photo- Matt AT CoachingEndurance.com
small print: deadline for entrants is thursday night (12.11.08) at midnight. even if you don't win, if your photo is truly sweet it might still make the presentation.


Hart said...

i am blown away!! the photos i have received are incredible. i'm going to create a whole section of the presentation that runs through the 'blogger photo contest' photos. i'll also post the best of them here on the blog next week.

seriously awesome photos.. this is going to be a tough one to judge!

olga said...

Matt, I really liked it when you posted the workouts - fast and easy to pick up. I need to spice up the boredom of the gym!!! Please come back:)

Hart said...

here is a link to the quick workouts.


i'll be posting more very soon, as well as some yoga poses, etc.

Will Thomas said...

Thanks for the great presentation and taking your time to educate other on the awesome sport of ultra running!

Hart said...

will thanks for coming out. it was great to finally meet you.

photo entrants - sorry but i used mostly video and didn't even use a slide show. the few photos i had were my own in the powerpoint.

HOWEVER i will be picking a winner and posting a great blog big blog entry with the top photos.