Saturday, December 6, 2008

Carpenter Wins Endurance 50 Championship 2008!

breaking news!.. and this is all i know right now about the nf endurance 50, the race with the biggest prize money in trail running ($10,000 first).

1st - Matt Carpenter 6:49
2nd - Uli Steidl 6:53
3rd - Japanese dude 7:01
4th - Kyle Skaggs 7:03
5th - Geoff Roes 7:12
6th - Leigh Schmitt 7:19
7th or 8th - Michael Wardian (took a wrong turn)

1st - kami
2nd - susannah
3rd - anita
4th - nikki


Trail Goat said...

Thanks for the info, Hart. I've been waiting for results for a couple hours now.

Gary Robbins said...

MORE, MORE, MORE, HART, NEED MO INFO!!! Thanks for the quick cap, it's all I've found so far!

James Varner and Alison Hanks said...

thanks matt! keep it comin if you can...

Hart said...

there is more more more gary!! top 5 posted. no word on the woman's race at all yet.

garobbins said...

WOW, can't wait for some post race reports to start making the rounds, thanks again Matt!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thanks Matt..
Mike oh Mike..wrong turn!
Mike just called Jay!

Joy said...

Any word on the women's race yet?

Geoff said...

women's top 4 was kami, susannah, anita, nikki in that order. not sure about the times. i think all 4 of them were in the top 25 overall.

Geoff said...

and i do know that leigh schmitt was 6th @ 7:19

hal was 9th or 10th i think.

karl was 20th.

AJW said...

Sounds like it was a sweet race with Carpenter getting redemption from last year. He's pretty good at that.

And 3rd, 4th and 5th were solid, too.

Hopefully, next year they'll throw down some scratch for a 100 mile championship.


garobbins said...

Results are finally posted on their website!

Dan Sears said...

Thanks for posting Matt. As soon as you get some race reports please link to them. Some great results in there!