Thursday, November 20, 2008

Win A Free Pair of Montrails - Climb The Guru List Contest


well here is your chance. enter the "climb the guru list" contest. has a rating system for all it's users. if you've ever bought anything there then you have a user account. the more products you review on the website, the more questions you answer and the more your reviews get helpful thumbs up, the higher you climb on the leaderboard of gurus.

so the contest is simple. in 1 week, 7 whole days who can climb the highest on the leaderboard. the easiest way to do this is review your favorite shoes, backpacks, jackets, skis, etc. the winner gets a certificate that you simple mail in for any pair of montrail shoes!

some rules:
  • you must post a comment here with your entire profile url
    mine is -

    ** this is my indication you are in!
    ** the deadline is friday nov 21st at midnight (tomorrow night at midnight)

  • you must be a new user - this contest is from scratch (next weeks will be for current users, which everyone who entered and did not win this week will be for eligible for (and you'll have a head start too).


Christian said...

I'm in. How long will it last?

Jason said...

Sounds great -- I'm in!

Hart said...

i think posting it late in the week might have been a bad idea! but thems the rules and if it's just you two then you get a 50% chance!! can't beat them odds for a free pair of montrail shoes can ya?!

King Arthur said...

With odds like this I had to jump in!

Thanks Matt!

Ryan said...

Hey Matt,
Sounds good I posted four reviews in the last few days and nothing has posted yet? Hope my #2 spot in trail run shoes doesn't get bumped..JK the more reviews the merrier.

Kevin said...
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Hart said...

ok so the contest entry is closed!

christian, jason and king arthur - thems good odds!

now let's see who can climb the leader board the highest from now until friday nov 28th at midnight!

Hart said...

if you choose to make comment on my blog, especially a negative one - please have the balls to sign your name. hiding behind anonymous is like the lowest form of cowardice.

saschasdad said...

What's this crap...a whole week has gone by without a new blog post about something...anything. Come on Hart, give us something.

Hart said...

christian = 21 reviews!
jason = 18 reviews, 5 answers!
king = 16 reviews, 19 answers!

wow you guys are getting after it!! tons of reviews. nice work fellas... keep it up! you have until friday night at midnight.

Hart said...

fyi - great job guys! wow, that is a ton of great content and reviews and answers, etc. however none of you guys are ranked yet. not sure why - so i'm discussing with hang in there i'll crown a winner soon.

King Arthur said...

Go directly to the leaderboard. We are listed there.
Matt Hart #17
Arthur #23
Christian #49
Jason #55

Christian said...

One other thing, I posted 5 or 6 reviews on Tuesday but they still haven't posted. I got the emails telling me they would be up, but it's probably something to do with Thanksgiving.
Whatever, thanks for giving us a chance...

King Arthur said...

I found our rankings on the Leaderboard.
Matt #17
Arthur #23
Chris #49
Jason #55

Hart said...


arthur just email me and i'll send the montrail certificate. amazing job man. you climbed fast.

ps: for some reason the rankings weren't showing up for me. even now jason's didn't show. but i have verifcation from the offices - arthur crushed it!