Friday, November 28, 2008

What The People Want

a post right? well i've got a lot going on right now, sorry for the lack of posts.

what i'm drinking as i type this...

i discovered clif recovery hot chocolate during the transrockies - soo good

i'm hurt. the neuroma treatment hasn't been working as planned. so i have to do the mature thing and take some time off. i'm doing an ultrarunning presentation at the new mountain hardwear store in seattle on dec 13th. after the chat i'm leading a run. that will be my only run in december. the next real running week i'll have will be early january when i coach a running camp in tucson.

i'm back in my seattle condo. the last tenant moved out nov 15th and it hasn't rented. so i had to come back and deal with it. i simply can't afford to pay for rent in two cities. i'm completely undecided as to what i'm doing from here. try hard to rent the condo and head back to salt lake? the thought of moving again is unbearable. maybe i head south in the van somewhere warm to train? mexico? i am actually leaning more towards some serious backcountry skiing this winter. so it's salt lake, tetons or seattle... or maybe a combination of all three? i need to get back to studying snow pack and getting out into the backcountry daily. if anyone has any advice for keeping my toes warm for hours and hours in the backcountry i'm all ears. i've had a real problem ever since it got frostbite. as ridiculous as it seems i'm at the point where i'm seriously considering the hotronic m4.

reinhold messner - first to solo everest... without oxygen - here is a great movie about him.
"a deed widely regarded as the greatest mountaineering feet of all time."


fastgrrrl said...

Mmmm. Clif Recovery Hot Chocolate. I'm bummed that you took it all with you. But it's so good that I understand why. Let me know what you find out on the warm toes front.

Ty Draney said...

Cool vid on Messner. Pushing personal limits, self examination. What's beyond the next horizon? How are we going to get there? Definitely strikes a chord.

LauraK said...

Remember, Matt, you have friends in Bend! And hopefully our mountains will get snow soon...
(happy Galapagos camper)

Bob from said...

great movie Matt... thanks for sharing and hope you recover well from your injury!!

Happy Holidays!

saschasdad said...

Yeah, Messner...he's the man. Now if he would have only had an "i" between the e & s, then I, too, would be a legend. Or at least I would have the potential.

Alison said...

Or, there's the north cascades to bc ski, with groomed xc trails for skating, with Seattle only a hop skip and a jump away, but i'm a little biased. Sorry about the neuroma, i had one last year. No fun.

elizabeth said...

Yes, Mmmmm, the cliff hot choc sounds really good.

Don't have any advice on keeping toes warm, but would like some. I've gotten frostbite on my fingers already this year and the heart of winter isn't even here yet. My hands are always cold, so I have to remember to take off the gloves and make sure there is actually blood getting to my digits. The frostbite blisters are very painful while they heal.

Are you considering surgery to have you neuroma removed? I think its a fairly simple procedure?

I found out I have bone spurs on the top of my big toe joint and am considering surgery, but not sure I can take laying off exercise for 4-6 weeks without going nuts.

Hart said...

lauraK - yes bend! i'll be down there for sure. just pray for snow!

bob - long time no comment. thanks man.

alison - the north cascades are a MUST this season. i'll be knocking on your door!

Matt said...

I frostbit my big toe pretty severely years ago when I was about 17 years old. It took years before it fully (?) recovered blood flow and the ability to keep itself warm, or even heal itself normally.

For years I simply kept wigglying it as often as I could remember, and the instant it got numb I would remove my boot and socks, and warm it with my hands - probably once per hour on cold days in Minnesota. Once it's numb, there's nothing to do but heat it externally.

Taking a break every so often to swing the leg front to back vigourously, in order to force blood into the feet and toes, helps a lot too - but you need to remove the skis. And REALLY swing that leg hard.

Good luck.


Runner Leana said...

Matt, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and giving me the thumbs up for nuun. I really enjoyed it on my long run, am looking forward to it during my spin class tonight. I can't wait to try more flavours!

The hot chocolate sounds good too. I'll have to look into that!