Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Galapagos Bound

some things before i leave for ecuador and the beautiful galapagos islands to coach a running camp.

nolan's 14:
you ever heard of nolan's 14? neither had i. that is until jared revealed his affinity for the redonculous...

60 Hours
100 Miles on Foot
14 Summits over 14,000 Feet
90,000 Vertical Feet

the question: how many of colorado's 14,000+ foot peaks could be combined in a 100 mile race?

jim nolan's answer: 14. he calls it the "death race" - read more history.

backcountry.com gear guru #20!:
marit and i are both pretty competitive. if you've ever been to her blog then you already know who the superior writer is. so i find comfort in our latest contest, which i am currently winning. who can climb highest on the backcountry.com gear guru rankings. backcountry.com has the best products (with the exception of rudy project glasses) and most relevant reviews online. this is why they are the biggest online outdoor retailer. well i'm knee deep in reviews and i love watching my profile climb the ranks. if you feel passionate about a product you love then go do your fellow outdoorzy doods a solid and write about it.

my update:
my neuroma is "manageable". i've been training for the last three weeks with mild pain and bi-weekly shots. i've changed the focus of my training from miles to vertical gain for this upcoming season. last week was the third of my meso-cycle and thus the largest week before this week of recovery. i was able to run 22,000 feet of uphill this week. i feel good about that for now, but i have a lot of work to do. i'll rest this week before the craziness of coaching a running camp. i leave tomorrow morning and arrive tomorrow night in guayaquil, ecuador. i am now officially excited!

what's coming with me from the kitchen

it's dumping up high in the wasatch right now. when i get back - i'm going to ski! however i'm leaving town with the first 25 miles of the wasatch 100 course un-run. hopefully this section is low enough to be runnable when i return. if not i have kahtoola running cramponsto get the job done with.

lisa's dear friend marshal ulrich just ran across the country! go check it out. i think he was like 4th fastest ever. impressive.

now go vote!


Dan Sears said...

Nolan's 14 sounds like a good time. Is there a suggested route map available anywhere to view?

Hart said...

if you follow the link i included there are maps of suggested routes. it's pretty sweet.

Dan Sears said...

Crudsticks! That looks like sweetness all right. Maybe make an attempt at it next summer? I'm game.