Friday, November 16, 2007

Full Metal Jacked

Get Full Metal Jacked like a Navy SEAL

Any Navy man can try out to be a member of the legendary SEALs. But three out of four will quit before the end of the 11-week weed-out program, the most physically grueling in the military. (The program motto: “The easiest day was yesterday.” Damn.) The goal is to increase a recruit’s pain threshold, so each drill assaults multiple muscles and pushes endurance to a level most will never know. “We train the hell out of the recruits because on any given day we need guys who can do 12-hour dives, climb aboard a ship, and fight till it’s ours,” says Alden Mills, a former SEAL platoon commander. Skip your next spin class and do this total body, holy-shit-I-want-to-die workout ripped from the SEAL training manual. Good luck, ensign.

Build Explosive Power
fitnessFullMetalJacked_explosivePower01.jpg Step 1 Place two markers 20 yards apart. From the first marker, do walking lunges. On each lunge, keep your front thigh parallel to the ground. At the second marker, do 10 push-ups. Sprint back and repeat four times. fitnessFullMetalJacked_explosivePower02.jpg Step 2 From the first marker, do standing broad jumps: Hop forward; repeat. Don’t move your feet after landing, as it relaxes your muscles, a negative in SEAL training. At the second marker, do 10 wide push-ups. Sprint back and repeat four times. fitnessFullMetalJacked_explosivePower03.jpg Step 3 From the first marker, do scissor lunges: From the squat lunge position, leap forward and switch legs in midair, rightfully earning the title of Twinkle Toes Terminator. At the second marker, do 10 close-grip push-ups. Sprint back and repeat four times. Next, take a five-minute break. This is only the beginning.
Steel Your Core
fitnessFullMetalJacked_steelCore01.jpg Step 1 Do 30 reps of classic crunches. Then flip over and do arm haulers: Lift your head and chest up and stick your arms forward like a fallen drunk who thinks he’s Superman. Then sweep them to your sides without touching the ground for 30 reps. fitnessFullMetalJacked_steelCore02.jpg Step 2 Do another 30 reps of crunches, but this time straighten your legs. Flip over and do 30 reps of arm haulers, but keep both feet several inches off the ground. The pain you feel now is good, apparently. “It lets you know you’re still alive,” Mills says. Thanks! fitnessFullMetalJacked_steelCore03.jpg Step 3 Finish this round with 30 reps of combo crunches: From the crunch position, bring your knees and elbows up to meet at the top of the movement. Unfold. Now do 30 arm haulers, but lift your legs and knees off the ground this time. Now get up, recruit, and prepare to run!
Boost Your Endurance
fitnessFullMetalJacked_endurance01.jpg Step 1 From the first marker, do a half-speed run 20 yards to the second. Jog back, then do a three-quarter-speed run. Jog back, then do an all-out sprint. Dry your tears and repeat the circuit two more times. To keep your heart rate up, don’t rest in between, but try to “recover” on the jogs. fitnessFullMetalJacked_endurance02.jpg Step 2 Place markers 40 yards apart and do the first circuit three times. And remember: “If you don’t feel like you’re starting to die and/or puke at the end of the first few, then you’re not putting up,” says Mills. fitnessFullMetalJacked_endurance03.jpg Step 3 Yep, you guessed it—place markers 60 yards apart and do the first circuit three times. Made it this far? Well done, ensign. Diesel-ness accomplished

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