Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend with Reno

my long time buddy came for a quick visit to slc from seattle. a weekend with copson means one thing - mountain biking... well or backcountry skiing depending on the season.

i was super excited to show him my new playground. i have been here in deseret just long enough to have a sufficient handle on the trails.. and with a little help from marit we planned a perfect 3 days.

day 1: 18+ mile mtn bike ride on glenwild - kimball junction/park city
we rode stealth, flying dog, cobblestone and back glenwild trail. seriously fast and buttery.

stealth trail

more stealth

day 2: 16 miles of great western trail on the wasatch crest!
all between 9,000 and 10,000 feet. i simply love it up there. it's part of the wasatch 100 mile course. we rode from guardsman's, up puke hill, down the spine past red lover's pass and desolation lake to mill creek trail and back.

first mile from guardsman's pass had snow

puke hill

the spine off red lovers

desolation lake

copson with wasatch beauty in the background

day 3: a great 4.2 mile hike with 3,300 feet of gain.
up the west flank of mount grandeur, and i mean up. we followed this with a great bbq at meltzer's place. it really hit the spot! thanks karl & cheryl! i think the quote of the day was karl saying "10 minute miles are coming, i can feel it".

gettin' some color

an absolute must buy for winter riding. the pearl izumi wind shoe covers.


HappyTrails said...

Hopefullly you will get the opportunity to ride Mid Mountain Trail - it's just plain fun! For maximum fun, start at the far end of Park City then head to The Canyons. The climb up Spiro to MMT in Park City is good, too. Love the Fall pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow- A whole blog post about my trip! What an honor. My short weekend in SLC was a blast- quick, intense & fun. The DOMS is setting in now -- I feel like my legs are broken :)

I can't wait for my next visit, this time w/ snow......

Hart said...

happy trails - i've ridden mid-mtn trail before.. very nice. i'll be getting out on it again soon i'm sure. spiro to mmt? i'll have to look at a map.

copson - i laughed out loud at "I feel like my legs are broken". come back in the winter boss and we'll re-break them legs!

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Looks like a good 3 days Hart. Missed you in Bellingham on Sunday. Don't you get too used to those buttery trails out there ok. Muddy, rooty, technical and sweet views of Baker & Rainier await you back home :)

Hart said...

seegs! yeah i miss the good old days of adv race training with the dart-nuun members.

i'll be back in seattle in december. december 13th i am speaking at the grand opening of the new mountain hardwear store downtown seattle. bring norm and your alpine touring gear and let's get after it!

saschasdad said...

I gotta admit, your new playground looks pretty sweet. Have fun playing in the mountains, buddy.

Erik said...

West flank of Grandeur. Ohhhh, I love it! That route above anything else got me hooked on the trails.
How'd the quads feel after coming back down? It's a burner.