Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sharing Things

"how many people on their deathbed wish they'd spent more time at the office?"
some things of interest:

  • sean meissner wins another marathon! - check out his race report, he ran a 2:42 at the spokane marathon!

  • in karl's words - karl meltzer is back in the slc. he told me yesterday he's even run a couple of times. he wrote about his journey from maine to georgia.

  • the man who beat lance - nyt article on dave weins who beat lance armstrong at the leadville 100 mtn bike race aug. there is a good lil' video included too.

  • straight - win a free pair of black diamond boots from andrew mclean by playing his game and guessing the location.

  • nyt article on fast and old - nyt article on olympic swimmer dana torres.

  • avalanches are scary - uk pro gets caught on film

  • Stepping it up? - article about black diamonds new freeride touring ski boots

  • Resting, Running and Rhetoric - the "alaskan flash" geoff roes started a great discussion on resting and recovery for ultrarunners.

  • help support by going over to Backcountry.comand buying a ton of gear. with free shipping and the best prices on the internet it just makes sense really.

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    Grae Van Hooser said...

    There is some great video of Leadville at Shows Lance and Dave riding up Powerline, bottom to top! They didn't dismount once.