Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running Lambs Canyon to Alta

my first real run since the transrockies was a boozy. i am trying to run the entire wasatch 100 course before it's consumed by snow. yesterday i had marit drop me at the lamb's canyon section off i80 on her way to work. i had an amazing 27 mile run to alta in t-shirt and shorts. rather than heading up to sunset pass i exited the course instead coming down catherine's pass to it's trailhead in little cottonwood canyon/alta ski resort.

photos taken with iphone
the trail up lamb's pass starts 1 mile down the road

on the way up lamb's

desolation lake (you might remember this lake from my ride this weekend)

great western trail - how sweet it is

lake martha

on the way up catherine pass

albion basin on the way down catherine pass trail

the nuun van was a welcome site (devil's castle 10,920 in background)

i ran in the Montrail Hardrock. my neuroma appreciates the protection plate.


Anonymous said...

looks awesome! i'll have to make it up one of these weekends and join you.i'm going to put in for wasatch next year, so if anything it would be beneficial.what happened to camp in the galapogos?
mike e.

Geoff said...

amazing that there's not snow up that high.

how'd ya feel physically?

Hart said...

hey mike e. if you don't hurry you'll have to bring your snowshoes!

i leave for the galapgos on nov 5th baby!!

geoff - yeah we've had one storm. other than that it's been gorgeous. physically i felt great, however i wasn't moving that fast. as i said in the post the neuroma hurt a bit on certain terrain. 3 shots to go and hopefully it will be completely gone. we'll see.

Meghan said...


Holy crap what a fun run and yeah that you're out there on foot again. I'm super happy to read this for you!

Have an awesome time on the Galapagos!


AJW said...


Before it gets snowed in call Roch or Karl or whoever and set up a Brighton to the finish run. See if you can do it in 5:15 like Geoff did on race day. Dude, that is smokin'! Especially with how chewed up the trail is from all the motor bikes. I'm serious, I think the 3 mile section from Ant Knolls to Pole Line is 5 mins slower than it was in 2006 solely because of trail conditions and the part after Rock Springs is even worse. It's still the same terrain but I was grabbing trees and branches like it was going out of style through there and Geoff made time on me! It goes without saying that Geoff just smoked that section but what will make the Wasatch record hard to beat won't be the runners but the other stuff. It's kind of the unspoken thing about this year's race. If the Utah trail people don't get a handle on that section it will be a bloodbath in three years.

Just my opinion. And, I hope to be back next year to somehow get that sub-21.

Hart said...

meghan!! great to get a post from you. i often remenisce about our crew at transrockies - good times, good memories. how is cali treating you?

ajw - thanks for the trail beta. i'm headed up north to run from the boutiful b section back to the house. it's only a few miles on the actual course as i'll drop down to the shoreline trail to get home, but it will be fun out there i'm sure. we haven't gotten any new snow even up high so it's great.

that is too bad to hear about the trail from ants knoll. i ran into that basin last week but turned around.

roch's out of town and karl is still recovering. so i'm on my own for a while.