Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Workouts - Hodgepodge

just did this one. it should take between 10-15 minutes. it's a great mix of exercises and finishing with the jump burpees leaves you feeling like you worked hard.

here is what you need: leg weights, exercise ball

the workout: non stop no rest between exercises, adjust reps and go knee pushups if necessary

** give it a try and post your time and reps.

also as promised here is the photo of my metatarsal inserts i'm using.

mountain hardwear transition jacket
is perfect for our transition to winter. great for colder weather running - and it's an outside magazine "gear of the year" pick.


Rod Bien said...

Yo Hart,
I really like your posts on exercises. Very cutting edge and I like trying them. Keep em coming and thanks.


elizabeth said...

Thanks for the photo of the inserts. Looks like you cut them the shape you need and place them on the bottom and top of the insole? Did your dr. give you advice on where to place them for your injury or do you just put them where it feels like you need the extra cushion?

Hart said...

yeah rod - i'm not sure it's cutting edge but it certainly works, and is quick. these things are important.

elizabeth - the metatarsal pad on top came that size. the pad on the bottom is to counter my high arch. the placement is pretty standard for the top metatarsal pad. i wouldn't even do the pad on the bottom, that is custom to my foot. won't work for everyone.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Matt!

Do you ever wear the Continental Divide? I know everybodys feet are different, but I find the Hardrock has a crease/bend right in the metatarsal area which can become irritating.

And the Streak you like, though cushy, is not stiff enough for trail running for my feet.

elizabeth said...

Hey Matt,
Do you know what thickness is best for that metatarsal pad? I see that they come in 5/16, 3/8, 7/16 and maybe others? I haven't been to see a dr. yet, but I know I need more padding on my left metatarsal area. Thanks.

Hart said...

elizabeth - i love the continental divides, and have done a few runs in them. they are very protective and work with my neuroma. i just prefer a hardrock right now for some reason.

as for the thickness of your metatarsal pad.. i wouldn't be comfy advising you of that. i'd see a dr or podiatrist.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

matt..I like the exercises as well..do you have a link to the exericse so we can make sure to do them right..not that I will be doing any exercise soon but would like to pass them on'hope you are well
you are missed around here

Hart said...

thanks lisa! i've added some links to the lesser known exercises.

i hope your recovery from 508 is coming along well. i'm thinking of you.

olga said...

Thanks, bookmarked the site!