Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Down Jacket Review

one of the greatest things about backcountry.comis the reviews of the products we all lust over. the reviews are often great, totally aplicable and answer a lot of the questions you need to know. as a athlete it's my job to contribute. i just posted this review on the mountain hardwear phantom down jacket (click link and check out the other reviews).

Lightest and Warmest review rank

i chose the mountain hardwear phantom over the mountain hardwear sub zero for two reasons:

1. it's warmer with 800 fill vs. 650 for the sub zero.
2. it's lighter at 15oz (440g) vs. the sub zero 1lb 11oz (765g).

i am 5'10 with 31 inch waist and i even went a step further and went for a size small. it's perfect, but any smaller and it would be too small. it's light and super warm. i like the shortness of it in case i need to wear a harness however some might feel it's too short. it packs down into a nice little package for packing on the skin up. AND the fleece lined pockets are a very nice supprise luxury for a superlight jacket.


Ty Draney said...

Rumor has it you wear the size small puffy to enhance the size of your biceps. Shouldn't it work better by getting a size bigger:)

Hart said...

yeah i'm searching right now for a sweet baby t. i spent years trying to get bigger biceps... and the last 7 trying to get the to shrink.

saschasdad said...

I just got my Phantom a few days ago. I love the thing - it rocks! And since my biceps are bigger than yours, I got a Medium.

Hart said...

sweet meissner! make sure you post a review on once you form an opinion.