Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Last 25 of the Wasatch 100 Course

i am the pig, and this is the shit.

i had looked at the maps, but when karl meltzer tells you "Enjoy the run, it's a tough one backwards...all uphill" you give 'em another look. ajw had also commented on my lambs canyon to alta wasatch run post that the wasatch 100 mile course from mile 75 at brighton to the finish had some terrible trail conditions. and it was super rocky, rutted and loose from all the motobikes. i knew i'd be in for a long day.. but that was the point.

yesterday i locked my bike up at brighton so i could ride the 25 miles mostly down hill home after my run. today i drove to midway, parked at the wasatch mountain state park and ran the 25 miles to brighton. the trail was awesome, beautiful, loose, knarly and rugged. i kept thinking "this is mountain running" and envisioning myself trying to run it with 80+ miles already on my legs.

yeah, karl wasn't kidding. it was tough backwards. it had 9,440ft of gain in 25 miles... and i was the pig.

iPhone photos
the view from lower old goat junction mile 94

some loose knarly trail

teddy bear junction mile 91 east ridge trail

up "the plunge" at mile 89

my favorite section between plunge and dive

up "the dive" at mile 88

the view from "the dive"

ahhh - the backside of devil's castle out of alta

from brighton down sunset pass is all on trail 157 (picture at pole pine)

view of catherine lake from catherine pass at brighton

my transition for the ride home


mike e. said...

wish i had your schedule.
any more thoughts on r2r2r?

Hart said...

i leave this week for the our running camp in the galapagos islands. i'll be back on nov 15th. i'm absolutely up for it when i return. maybe the week before thanksgiving? nov 22-23?

saschasdad said...

You had the e-lite with you this time? Attaboy. Yes, you are a pig. And you'll get even fatter in the Galapagos.

Hart said...

thanks meissner... yes looking forward to the galapagos!