Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Great Run in the Wasatch Mountains

there are some incidentals that come with doing adventure runs. on occasion you have a rough one that includes bushwhacking, being out twice as long as planned and running in the pitch dark. to make our odds of this happening even greater we were running on a seven year old memory of the route, an injury that hurt from step one, no maps and no headlamps. how many times do i need to learn the lesson - always take the petzel e-lite.. it's .95oz - just take it!

yesterday marit and i got out and ran some more of the wasatch 100 course. up emigration canyon we started at affleck campground, a few miles and about 1,000 ft below where we picked up the wasatch 100 course at big mtn pass. we then headed north on the great western trail. what followed was a mix of great running, good times, hard to beat views, bushwhacking, mass vert (6,000+ ft), bloody shins, not one but two sasquatch encounters, excruciating achilles pain and two solid hours of trying to run trail by brail - in the pitch dark.

i took lots of photos and video at the very bottom... enjoy.

gear i used on this run (or should have):


mike e. said...

looks awesome! what if i came down next weekend and we could run more of the wasatch trail?

Hart said...

i'm not sure what i'm up to yet this weekend. i might head to moab for some real warmth. if i stay here i'll run long on sunday.

AJW said...

Great pictures and video. What direction did you go? If you started at Big Mountain did you run "race direction" toward Lamb's or backward's toward Francis?

mike e. said...

do you know what the weather outlook is for the weekend?

Hart said...

ajw - i mention we headed north in the blog. having now looked at the maps we took the left(west) trail off the gwt down toward grandview. then we had our bushwhack to get back to great western trail. once back to gwt and the course we again headed north to try and find this killyan's canyon trail, that i'm not sure actually exists. i say that because it appears we ran all the way out to the session mtns without seeing it.. and that is many canyons north of emigration. so we turned back and got to run the "race direction" back to big mtn and affleck campground.

it's going to be 70 degrees here this week so i'm going to run the last 27 miles of the course. doing this alone will be a MASSIVE pain in the butt and will have to include riding my bike to and from little cottonwood canyon - ugh.

mike e it looks like sprinkles sat & sun.

saschasdad said...

Dude, another adventure sans e-lite. Yes, when will you learn!? Looks like a sweet run, though.

Hart said...

i'm headed out for a run right now and i look like i'm ready for an expedition adventure race.. or like i'm headed up everest. sheet.. load me up!