Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run 2008

looks like our alaskan bear geoff roes just won the wasatch 100! ajw came in second. i wish i could have been there. geoff is a nuun sponsored athlete. before transrockies i had offered him my services as a pacer or crew member. he wasn't stoked on either but relented and said i could pace him. with my morton's neuroma i really can't run, i can't even walk without shoes on, so i had to bail last minute.

ah.. yeah.. he didn't need me:

1 Roes Geoff 32 M 20:01 (congrats geoff! wow)
2 Jones-Wilkins Andy 40 M 21:31
3 Pilla Jack 50 M 21:47
4 Barker Leland 50 M 21:58
5 O'Neil Larry 42 M 22:20

.. and for the girls - none have finished as they come up on the 24hr mark. betsey nye is on her way in to the finishline with a 1hr 6min lead.. go betsey!

the wasatch 100 is a bad ass 100 miler. geoff was around 30minutes off the course record kyle skaggs set last year. if you don't recognize the name geoff was the guy who took 3rd at miwok 100km this year, leaving everyone saying "who the f*#k is that guy?". he then didn't take the free entry into western states and instead tried his hand at the great divide mtn bike race from mexico to canada.

check out his girl's "up in alaska" post about it. she's a talented writer.

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