Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks BASICS Sports Medicine!

the interweb, as my buddy's mom likes to call it, has come to my rescue. my post "a cry for help" worked! i was about to thank joel hatch from BASICS sports medicine and human performance labs... but really i have to thank whoever raised joel hatch - if your parents are on the interweb joel here is my - thank you! - to them for raising such a kind and giving young man.

joel got me in to see his 'strong man' massage theropist nate graven for some structural integration (Ida Rolf Method) work, soft tissue release (STR technique), neuromuscular therapy, and isolated stretch (PNF) work. below my knee has never felt so loose, light and free before. although the neuroma is still there, the rest of my leg has clearly made strides towards recovery.


BASICS facility

i was impressed with what they had going on in the BASICS facility at weber state u in ogden. lots of speed and agility work. i wanted to jump in!

another thanks goes to christiane gardner who hooked me up with the wife of the podiatrist who pioneered the alcohol treatment (he's retired). i see them tuesday. until then i'm now setting up an appt with an acupuncturists that justin angle suggested. i'll try anything.



Pinkcorker said...

Blogs are weird - I don't know you, yet after reading your blog for a long time, I find myself really rooting for your recovery. Sending good thoughts your way...

Hart said...

thanks pinkcorker! yeah blogs are good like that. i recently met a bunch of people i only knew through their blogs.

i'm sure we'll meet at some race or something.

Meghan said...

Yeah, like me! Except that you already knew me but pretended you didn't. :)

Hi Matt! How's it going? I guess recovery from TRR is not treating you well, damn foot.

Sorry to hear of the injury, dood. I have no real advice except to say that I hope you heal fastfastfast.

Be well,

Hart said...

meghan? hmm.. not ringing a bell.


Hart said...

honestly meghan you were the person i was thinking about when i wrote that.

recently everyone keeps trying to push me onto facebook. but i have enought to do with this damn blog!

BASICS Sports Medicine said...

It was great to meet you and a pleasure to help. Once you settle down, and get sick of those crowded SLC trails, come up to Ogden for a great trail run!

Meghan said...

Ha yerself! Rude. ;)

Resist Facebook, it will suck you in! My friends think I'm crazy that I'm not on there, either, but I don't really care because I see how much time they spend on it while I'm playing outside.

Take care of those toes,