Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running Camps in the Galapagos Islands

is this for real? i can't afford to go out to eat these days but i get to coach runners in the galapagos islands!? yep. since trailrunner magazine has already posted an article on our camps i figure it's high time i did!

here is the deal. lisa has an old coaching client who owns a hotel on isabella island, the largest of the galapagos islands. he alone is allowing us to do these coaching camps at this crazy affordable price - $2,100. that includes everything but your flight to guayaquil, ecuador.

we're doing two camps:
Camp #1 (MDS Focus): October 23 – November 1 although this is MDS focus anyone can attend
Camp #2 (Running/Crosstraining): November 6 - 15

Daily Format:
  • yoga with yours truly first thing in the morning (optional)
  • breakfast
  • trail run!
  • lunch
  • afternoon classroom session (gait analysis, discussion on nutrition or race strategy, etc)
  • 2nd run or skills session
  • big group dinner
  • bed!

What You Will Do & Learn

You will:

  • Run on the beautiful trails of the most unique place on earth

  • Participate in classroom clinics and discussions

  • Have video gait analysis – at the beginning & end of camp

  • Yoga every morning before breakfast

  • Core and Cross training workouts for runners

  • S-t-r-e-t-c-h!

You will learn how to:

  • Choose the right gear for a stage race, including backpacks and hydration systems

  • Eat and drink for great results in training, racing and recovering from a stage or other race

  • Dress for the race, including choice of fabrics and materials

  • Prepare to run in the heat, even if you’re training in colder climates

  • Pace yourself while training and during the race

  • Incorporate massage into your training regimen

  • Improve your running and powerwalking form, embracing the importance of the proper biomechanics

  • Care for your feet

  • Gain the mental edge!

i can't even put into words how fun these camps are. here is the link to my blogs on the last camp in the tetons. every person there broke through personal bearers and achieved way more than they thought they could. this is not a "run you into the ground" kind of camp. they are accessible to all levels. we had a few walkers at the last camp including a 75 year old just starting to exercise again. with jay, lisa and i we can customize your experience.
i guarantee you will leave satisfied and motivated to tackle life.

here is the invite document with all the details.

your coaches

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Ty Draney said...

How's the foot amigo? Just let me know if you need more staff--especially the bilingual types:)