Monday, September 8, 2008

Quick Workout - Sweat on the Dumbell (SOD)

... ok back to being a coach.

i'm calling this one SOD because all i could think about was how much i was sweating on the dumbell (SOD). try it and let me know what you think.


do 3 sets to start w/1min rest between
stuff you'll need: stability ball, 15lb weight ball, 12lb dumbells

stability ball pikes (10) - start in pushup position with your tip toes on a stability ball. keeping your back and legs straight and using your abs pull your feet towards your hands so you are doing an elevated downward dog almost.
video - this video shows both pikes & knee tucks. just do the straight leg pikes slow & controlled
jump rope 100x

smash ball 12lbs (30) - lift the weight ball overhead and smash it down to the ground as hard as you can. catch it on the bounce use those front deltoids to lift overhead fast and smash!
jump rope 100x

one leg deadlifts - from standing with one knee up in front swing that leg through/back into warrior III (put the dumbell down w/one hand and pick up with other hand before rising again)
video - shows the exact movement i did. however every time down pick up the dumbell with the other hand. so place it down with one, then pick it up with the other and straighten up, etc.
jump rope 100x

pushups with ball under one hand (knee pushups if necessary)
these are tough, i could only manage 10 each time. push off so you move laterally so the ball is under the other hand. video - exactly!
jump rope 100x

this workout is tough.. start with one set if you are soft.


Anonymous said...

Killer workout Matt. Here are my stats:

3 Rounds:
Pike-Ups w/20lb. weight vest
Smashball w/20lb. D-Ball
Deadlifts w/20k Kettlebell
Pushups +40lbs resistance x 10/side
Jumprope w/2.5lb speed rope


Hart said...

wholly shit brad.. nice work. way to raise the bar and add a bit of weight to the situation. man. what was your time though. these are all for time.

it depends on your goals, but if you are an endurance athlete i wouldn't suggest adding weight to the workout every time, but once in a while is fine.

Hart said...

i just want to reiterate so this isn't missed by the masses:

Pike-Ups w/20lb weight vest is f'n tough

(i have potty mouth today for some reason)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Matt.

My time was 18:51. I lost a bit of time with the f'n vest and still have much room for improvement.

You're right about the weight of course. I'm transitioning out of a strength/metcon focus towards an endurance focus so I only do 1 gym workout a week that is at all heavy. The other is bodyweight only.

This stuff is dangerously addictive!


padre angulo said...

in college i had a teammate we called "SOD," but hat stood for ship-o-doom. when he was in your boat (rowing) you went nowhere slowly...

Hart said...

padre i know you are running ac100 this weekend.. but can we get your time on this SOD workout when you are done?!