Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kokopelli on the Mind

dirty winshield sunrise on i-70

"picture me rollin in a 500 benz". sorry 2pac, but i roll in a white vw eurovan (how did that happen?!). picture instead me driving west on i-70 peeling a hard boiled egg with a trash bag in my lap, watching the sunset in a dirty eurovan with the white stripes making my head bob out of control. that was me yesterday. i started in buena vista with the family price (pictured with a lego car in vail) and headed west. andrew and rachel - i simply can't thank you guys enough for helping a brotha out last week. you are great friends.

i was going to stop in leadville and enjoy a bit of oxygen deprivation, but the weather was supposed to be around freezing at night. i of course have a bad ass mountain hardwear phantom 0 degree bag, so i would have been fine. but honestly... i'm not ready for that yet. i need more summer, more hot. so i decided the fruita/moab area would be better with 87-90 degree weather.

i'm sitting in the aspen street coffee shop right now after sleeping by the boat ramp off exit 15, near the start of the kokopelli trail. for years i've been obsessed with riding and/or running the 142 miles of beautiful trail the fertility god has laid out. mtn biking it in under 24hrs is a solid effort. the record for running it was set in 2004 by peter bakwin and steph ehret at 32hrs 41min 41secs. even more impressive is the solo effort paul pomeroy threw down in 2002. he dropped 5 buckets with supplies along the route then ran it back in 37hrs 33mins. i'm intregued by this style, however i know how harsh the desert can be. a mistake or missing drop and you are in a world of hurt really fast.. more hot than you can swallow.

fruita to moab through desert = tasty. solo logistics and my overall energy level might stop me from getting it done, but at the very least i'll get some fertility trail time. my morton's nueroma also seems to be flaring up now that i've come to a stop.


Susannah said...

Jeez, why can't I be you? Forget Utah, come to Oregon and run Sean's Pine Mountain in few weeks! But before leaving UT, check out Dixie National Forest/Boulder Mountain/Escalante area-- soooo pretty, nice trails, and high up! I was through there a few weeks ago but couldn't stop. Would have liked to run forever there for a while.

Hart said...

well i think you can be me! or at least a version of me.. you can be and do whatever your heart desires!

Susannah said...

Hmmmm, weird.