Monday, September 1, 2008

Jackson Hole Newspaper Article

lisa emailed while i was running the transrockies that the jackson hole newspaper published this article on me running around the tetons. i did the interview the day before i left slc for colorado. kinda neat, but i am certain i have to go lower that time or it's going to get beat by some embarrassing amount.

through the associated press another version somehow made the portsmouth herald, my hometown newspaper. my sister just wrote me "Good for you! Wow, your in the local paper for something legal!" thanks lana!


Rod Bien said...

atta a boy, Hart! Just be glad that Oregon is very far from Jackson!
Congrats on finishing Transrockies. Sounds like it was quite an epic affair. Great job.

rod b.

Hart said...

thanks biener.. gave you guys some props during the interview "He knows a group of elite ultrarunners based in Oregon also has the route in its sights, but he’s also hoping some of the valley’s top ultrarunners will take a crack at the route."

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Cant wait to check this out some time and hear about a new epic that you discover - seegs

Jamie Donaldson said...

Great adventure Matt! Congratulations! Glad you enjoyed Colorado!

Hart said...

thanks jamie. yeah the adventure in the tetons was awesome, but so was the 6 day adventure in the rockies with my boy meissner.

i can't wait to see what you do next jamie, my head is still spinning the HUGE win at badwater. unreal.