Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Great Day

two reasons it was a great day -

i saw the podiatrist. she was awesome. after telling me the normal treatment path would include; orthotics, insoles, metatarsal pads and lifts (basically everything i had already done) she conceited that i was not a 'normal patient'. and that i needed some advanced treatment. she then pulls out the needle and daddy travels to dreamland.. or, ah, i mean she shot the nerve with the alcohol solution. it hurt actually. but then.. no pain. well some pain. but it was just the pain of then needle fishing around. but no shooting nerve pain when i walked! no shooting nerve pain when i ran! whoa! i was supposed to give it a test run after wards but i had to rush over to the phinney neighborhood center to talk to team in training.

which brings me to the second reason i had a great day. i presented on nutrition and hydration to team in training. i geek out on all this stuff so it was really quite fun. at this point i've talked about and presented this material so many times i don't need any notes. we had a great group training for three different marathons. many taking notes. just typing that makes me smile. i'm happy i can be of service to so many beginners in one place. it's pretty cool actually.

ok now i've got crazy thoughts going through my head that i can race 100 miles in two weeks. october 3rd is the grindstone 100. since i haven't gone for a real run yet we'll have to see how it feels tomorrow. i'm hopeful.

i spoke too soon - it hurts.


Trail Goat said...

If you're pain free, you should go for it! Your fitness is certainly there AND you'll be well rested. Sweet!

If you would be flying into DC (I assume you would), you've got a place to stay in Arlington, VA before and after the race. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help if you're running the 'Stone.

christiane gardner said...


I'm glad your podiatry visit worked out! Any questions, just give me an email!

Hart said...

today's update is not as promising. although the shooting pain factor is down. it's very sore and feels bruised. i'm going to run, but i'm sure it won't feel great.

christiane! you are the reason i got in so fast to see dr. johnson. thank you so much.

Trail Goat said...

They did stick a needle in your foot and then fished it around. I'd imagine you'd feel bruised and sore where ever they were to do that on your body.. even if it wasn't hurt. I know my jaw always is sore and painful for few days after novocaine injections. Chin up!

Rod Bien said...

take care of that body, dude. lots of races out there. just don't jeopardize yourself long term..... good luck with the decision either way.
rod b.

Krissy said...

so are you coming to Grindstone? Would love to see you there! At the same time, Rod makes a good point, there are lots of races out there so don't compromise the long run. So make sure you are good to go!

Hart said...

making the call right now actually. there is NO WAY i could run 100 miles on my foot. with just two more treatments there is NO WAY i will be able to. it isn't an option since i can't even run 10 feet right now. sux.

i can ride, however i found out yesterday the neuroma doesn't like being in bike shoes 7+ hours on rugged mtn bike terrain with frequent hike-a-bike. but at least i can stay fit.