Monday, September 8, 2008

A Cry For Help

i have an inflamed neuroma in my foot. by buddy sean clancy has had 3 of them treated and perminentaly fixed with alcohol injection. i've done a bit of research and found that many people feel this is the way to go (good forum discussion). six injections, one every other week and it was gone.

i'll be in seattle sept 10-18th. i've called the UW and numerous other podiatrists to try and sneak in. none of them will even speak with me on the phone to tell me if they do this type of alcohol injection treatment. and none of them have time to fit me in until well let's see... around christmas! it's like a nightmare.

does anyone have any suggestions? i'm scheduled to see dr petron in slc on the 19th when i get back here. with the grinstone 100 on oct 3rd it's not looking like i'll be racing at this point.


Susannah said...

Who can refuse a cry for help? Here goes. Okay, Matt-- it seems like a lot of ultrafolks get neuromas-- I don't remember hearing about them quite so much back when I was road racing. I think it’s the hills, and I think there is probably a lot of mis-diagnosis of plain old tendonitis. Just a hunch, but here’s why I think that:

This Spring I was training for Western States and running giant hills every single day in Helena, MT,-- even my easy runs were on giant hills-- they were unavoidable. I gradually started to get this pain on the ball of my foot under my second and third metatarsal. It got to where I couldn't land on it after about an hour of running. I thought of a neuroma at first, but in 15 years of serious training, I'd never had that particular problem, and I doubted I would get one now, when my training was relatively relaxed.

I thought that what was probably going on was that tight calves from constant hill running were pulling on my toe tendons and irritating the junction of muscle and tendon, or something along those lines. And that I was also up s*** creek, because the only massage therapist who could tweak that deep and with surgical precision was Bill Musser, in Eugene. I had to wait another six weeks before I could get to Eugene and see him, but when I did, he "cured" my two-month old problem in one session. It was incredibly painful-- Yes, I actually cried-- but that's why you go to Bill. He is the man. The man, he is.

So if you’re not _absolutely sure_ it's a neuroma, give Bill a call-- he can probably see you within a couple of weeks. He's at 541-342-1540. Good luck!

Hart said...

Susannah - thanks so much! i will contact bill and see if i can get down there. you are awesome!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

matt..I am about to send you an email from a student of mine who reads your blog..she can help!
hang in there...

BASICS Sports Medicine said...

If you're still in SLC, I have a massage therapist on staff who works exclusively with distance runners and their many problems. We are located in Ogden (just a short trip north of SLC). Send me an email at, and we will get you in ASAP.

Joel Hatch