Friday, September 19, 2008

5 Days of Western Wasatch Mountain Biking Fun

i just read this:
The Mueller Park Trail epitomizes the metro-to-mountains convenience of living in the Great Salt Lake Valley at the foot of the Wasatch Range. Within minutes, literally, the nearby suburban jungle is transformed to a tranquil, backcountry ecosystem of lush riparian growth mixed with hardwoods and conifers. The valley’s droning clamor is replaced by spirited sounds of nature, and the odor of urbani...
i'm still in seattle right now as i type this, but i'm antsy to get back to training. since i've been reduced to training on the bike my mind is swimming with ideas. i need a boot camp, a crash course in slc mtn biking!

the goal: have some fun while trying to hold on to my fitness and explore the amazing wasatch terrain and trails... on bike. i leave for slc on sunday. i've hatched a plan for my first week in slc for reals. here it is...

5 Days of Western Wasatch Mountain Biking Fun (from the house)

with metro-to-mountains in mind and at my fingertips i am just going to ride the 5 western most trails that they list. adding some miles by not getting in the car at all and leaving right from the house will...

a) allow me to single handily save the environment
b) add some great fast pace spinning miles before and after the 'fun'.

north to south i'll tackle the following: (salt lake city mtn bike page)
  1. day 1 - mueller park trail (41.2 miles , 28.2 road, 13 trail)
  2. day 2 - bonneville shoreline trail - ensign peak section (24.2miles, 13 road, 11.2 trail)
  3. day 3 - bonneville shoreline trail - salt lake city section (30 miles , 10 road, 20 trail)
  4. day 4 - mill creek pipeline trail (48.2 miles , 15.4 road, 32.8 trail)
  5. day 5 - little cottonwood canyon trail (43miles , 36.6 road, 6.4 trail)
171 bike miles in five days.. ain't nothin as sweet as that.. cept my baby.

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