Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Transrockies On The Horizon

my buddy, canadian endurance superstar gary robbins (who just won the stormy 100 miler!) just wrote this in an email to me - "It's all about being broke as a joke, and loving life! Never been so poor...and so damn happy!!"

my response: "true dat." spend that money!

i just figured i'd add a few pics of what i wake up to here in driggs. the 5am workouts that had been going on for over an hour before i even got out of bed. i'm recovering for a race, so i swallowed the guilt of not joining them. faster than you zahan (who runs for la sportiva) and tougher than you lisa were up doing their circuit workouts. love it!

i have a severe calf strain and a 6 day race in 5 days.

about 5 days into the maine section of the appalachian trail i started to get a slight pain in my calf. it grew a bit every day. it hurt. lots of pains come and go when you run 300 miles at a whack. so i ran through it. i should have been icing legs/feet/calfs every night but there never seemed to be enough time or energy. it ended up being the only consistent issue i had. since getting off the trail i wake up every morning and test the calf. i have been expecting it to turn a corner and make some strides of progress towards healing. 7 days later.. still hurts. every day the reading on the pain scale seemed about the same.

i'm super picky about my massage therapists. ellen parker in seattle has spoiled me. my therapists have to be athletes, they have to have vast experience working with athletes and they have to be strong. i like to get worked over, like my buddy chad did in high school when he didn't pay his bookie. i don't get a massage to relex. i can do that on my own. i get a massage to realign my muscle fibers and to work the toxins out of them. it should hurt!

since i got back to driggs and the batchen household, lisa has insisted that she break the table out. last night it happened. she hurt me.. bookie style. today my calf hurts much less.. this woman is gifted. now i have hope.

until today i was running scenarios of whether i could race. when i spoke with my teammate for the transrockies sean meissner i didn't mention my true concern. i was getting worried. now i'm pretty sure it will be all healed up by the time we line up in buena vista, colorado on august 25th for the transrockies.


Ty Draney said...

It appears that it was easier to get together and run when you lived in Seattle. Good luck at the trans-rockies. Un abrazo grande (big hug) to Meisner. Run fast.

Hart said...

td!! great to hear from you buddy. sounds like your race was a war zone! two friends in driggs who ran it - one airlifted off course, the other finished 25th when he should have been contending for the win in the 50km.

thanks for the luck at transrockies man.. we'll need it!

saschasdad said...

Hey El Vaq,
Un abrazo grande to you, too, my friend! Sounds like a crazy El Vaquero, indeed. As a fellow rd, I can say that I'm glad that's never happened at the Rumble. I hope it all turned out okay.

We don't need no stinkin' luck. Ty just said to run fast. So that's what we're gonna do. End of story.