Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Transrockies Day 2

Meissner is not a morning person.

Correction: day 1 we placed 9th.

Day 2
Today we got crushed. The short fast Mtn runners ruled the day.
The Course: 10 miles with 3,100ft of gain. We climbed up and over hope pass (12,700ft) into twin lakes.

First two miles climbed just 400ft all dirt road. I went out hot, sean showed his dislike for my pace by not running it. We passed cp1 at mile 2 in around 14min (7min pace). We were prob in 15th place. Then the climb started. Within minutes Anita Ortiz passed us towing her teammate. 1min later we passed then back. Her teammate on the side of the trail on all fours. Its two miles & 3,000ft to the top of hope pass. We ran the few runnable sections. At about 11,000ft Sean really starts to suffer. I rAn and hiked behind pushing him at the waist adv race style. It seemed to really help and we passed two teams. I then looked at my altimeter and said "just 600ft to the top, I need you to suffer for me Meissner. This is the toughest part of the course". All i can ask is that my teammate pushes himself to his limit for me. It hurts. It takes courage to go to that dark painful place. Sean did that today. He suffered immensely. Thanks Meissner. You are a great teammate man.

Anton Krupicka was at the pass to cheer us on. Seemed fitting. Sean gave me so much on the way up that he had nothing on the way down. It was 4 miles of awesome downhill simgletrack. But his legs were "wobblie". The further down we got the faster he moved but it was a casual last 4 miles, nowhere near race pace.

We finished in 1hr 57min. Our buddies eric skaggs and max king were first to hope pass but a course cutting salamon UK team beat them to the finish by just 1min. They claim they didn't know the rule. Even after Eric told them to stop doing it on the up. The rules are clear, 2hour penalty. That would take them out of contention. Too bad really.


Bob Gentile said...

lol ...friggin hate mornings too

Good job guys, keep that Montrail Focus!!

Rod Bien said...

Man, I can just picture it. Meissner with his bloody ass nose and being pushed up the hill by Hart. I can picture it perfectly! Nice job toughing it out, gentlemen. More suffering ahead. See what I mean about those hill races. They suck!

Rod B.

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

following you guys - I know that you guys will rock it even more as the stages get longer! You know how to suffer and I would expect nothing less - seegs

c.varner said...

Nice running fellas, and great updates.

We're all extremely envious.......