Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recovery & Reflection

the start of the transrockies 2008

well i'm sitting here in beaver creek, colorado with my buddy andrew price, his wife rachel and their two boys fletcher and bode (thank you guys so much!). my body was up at 5am because for the last 6 days of the transrockies that is exactly what we've had to do. no fighting it, i just got up and had some coffee. i just saw marit and sean off. they are headed over to the sheridan to get max and eric for the denver airport trip. it's kind of hitting me this is all coming to an end.

my overall energy is ok, body feels great. my lower calfs are sore from trying to run the low angle gradual dirt road climbs that make up the transrockies staged race. other than that i feel great.. surprisingly. no other muscles soreness or issues. the two niggles i started the race with are gone, non issues. weird.

rachel just asked me "so do you think you'll come back and do this race next year?". i'm not sure. i think i need a few days to reflect. the organization of the event was truly top notch. i'm disappointed with our 7th or 9th overall placement (the overall results still haven't been posted). but remove that bit and i had a great time. i was able suffer in some of the most beautiful terrain with a great person and true friend sean meissner. i met a lot of amazing people and made so many new friends from all over the world that i cherish this experience. it's just the competitive athlete in me that wants to file this one away as a "bad idea". looking back at my own blog and posted photos of the event it's obvious that is ridiculous.

10th mtn division, fletch and me


saschasdad said...

Well buddy, I'm glad to see we have the same post-race thoughts. Disappointed about our overall place (I guess that's part of being competitive), but take that out and it was a super, kick-ass week!

Thanks for suffering and going to that dark and painful place a lot this week, and for putting up with me when I was in the not-so-fun zone. You're a great teammate, brotha.

I look forward to our next adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
I love your blog. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad that our path's have crossed. Hopefully we will see more of each other in the Pacific Northwest. Good luck with all your adventures and you Sean did great.

Meghan said...

Now I know what the scary white statue was. Until now it was just the freaky white guy who stared at us while we soaked in the river.

It was fun hanging out with you at TransRockies. My favorite parts were when you danced about the flying brownies and when you and your nuun bottle hugged the nasty stuffed bear.

Don't beat yourself up too much about this race and good luck with recovery and whatever you put on your race calendar next.


Hart said...

sean it was a kick ass week! thanks for being such a great teammate man. i'm already planning our next adventure! think cali warmth in jan/feb!

erin i'm so glad to have met you too. it's sort of crazy our paths hadn't crossed before this.

i'm in seattle 9.12-9.18 i think so let's get out and run!!

meghan that statue is scary actually. the brownie dance was pretty sweet.. one of many belly laughs. oh how i already miss the transrockies!