Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Road & CCC 100

TR Update
i arrived late last night in denver. long 8hr+ drive from slc. had to stop and nap. that is the beauty of the eurovan, i can pop the top and get some rest pretty easily.

i was supposed to have three pairs of streaks waiting for me here in denver. a bit of an address snafu and i have no shoes and a race that starts in just over 24hrs. i also left my nathan handhelds and krissy vest in the where's karl rv. they were supposed to be shipped to me in slc but didn't make it in time, so no handhelds or vest either.

but i'm here. i'm healthy. i have one pair of pretty old streaks i can wear. sean is bringing me some of his extra handhelds. i know it will all work out.

i keep getting asked about the competition. it will be fierce. if these guys don't win it then one of them got hurt or eaten by a mtn lion.

Cascade Crest 100 Miler

i just got from justin angle that seattle guy tom ederer just won the cascade crest 100 miler! whoa, this is HUGE! justin is tom's coach. wow. great work justing in getting him there so fit and ready for his first 100 miler. congrats tom! so stoked for you man.

word on the street - "gifford was struggling with bad belly. aaron heidt dropped. phill shaw 2nd".

with the cascade crest being the premier 100 miler in the seattle area i made sure nuun was a sponsor of the race... so it's at every aid station and the winners get some great free product.


Trail Goat said...

I've got a pair of size 9 Streaks with not much mileage as well as a hand held or two (including straps) you are free to borrow. See you in a couple hours.

Hart said...

see you soon powell! thanks for the offer too man.

garobbins said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Aaron yet!

garobbins said...

Oh yeah, and kick some ass brotha!
(thanks for the props dude)