Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karl, IM Canada, Newspapers and Beach Peas

Meltzer's on the Move!

hopefully you've all been watching the drama unfold over at where's my buddy is trying to break the appalachian trail record. after 14 days of tough terrain he came down with trench foot, and severe tendonitis. this put the whole assault in risk. after a few days off today he hit the trail again with his wife cheryl. i picture this in my mind being a nice sunny day hike with the woman he loves. what could be better? =)

good luck buddy! i'll be begging for updates on the trail at transrockies.

Ironman Canada!

i have to wish my coaching client adrienne stedford good luck at ironman canada tomorrow (sunday!). she is one of those dream clients who always does exactly what i prescribe for her in her training plan. because of that, and all the hard work she's put in, she's going to amazingly well!

Transrockies Run

i've been in slc hanging with marit for the last couple of days. i leave in a few hours for denver. sunday morning i pick up sean meissner, then we head to buena vista, colorado and the welcome bbq for the transrockies staged run. i talked to sean yesterday, he said "dood. i'm fit right now". sweet.

i was able to get 50mins of pain free running in yesterday. the calf wasn't an issue but it's still sore when i press on it. another couple of zero days and it should be ready for the anaerobic torture of the transrockie run. in the last update they have again lessened the mileage of the race. taking some 'junk miles' off the first two days. when i signed up for this race it was around 130 miles long. it's now down to 97 miles total for 6 days. every time they lessen the length our chances of doing well decrease - sean and i are ultrarunners. however after the fast hiking i just did on the appalachian trail this will be phenomenal 'speed work' for me and i can't wait to race!!

Jackson Hole Newspaper

the jhole newspaper is going to do a write-up on the teton circumnavigation speed record i set (fastest known times site). here are the photos for the article.

Beach Pea Bakery - Kittery Maine

marit found this great article on my best friends mariah & tom roberts. they run a well buttered machine. we spent the day with them in portsmouth after we got off the appalachian trail. they're cool.

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BreeWee said...

GREAT job on your speedy run record! And many mahalos for your good luck cheer for IMC tomorrow :)