Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 5

Today from the gun I didn't have it. 10 mile climb to 11,700ft from
red cliff.. Sean lead out the second pack. I tried to hold on. The day
before I only ate 1 gel and drank just 1/4 a bottle. I've been feeling
off. After over an hour sean reminded me to eat. I couldn't. I felt
gross, bloated & tired. Yesterday after 1hr I felt great and pulled
the group up the steep climb, today... Nothing there. "I have no pride
dude, push me, tow me I don't care.". Sean towed me with our mandatory
rain pants tied together the last 45 min up vail pass. Once the first
climb was over I felt better. Couple more climbs and it was 7 miles of
downhill road. We passes 3rd & 4th overall on the way down. They were
dealing with there own blow ups and walking. I started to really
hammer and Sean hung on then blew in the last few miles.

We were 7th today in 3hrs 50min for the 23 miles with 4,500ft of gain.

We got beat today and passed in the GC by the two teams we've been
slightly ahead of all week. We should be in 5th overall, but we are in
7th. It's a bummer and I feel like it's my fault for giving up all
that time on the big climb. We are behind them by just 3 and 4
something mins. Tomorrow I have to go to the pain dojo and get my 5
mins back.


Gary Robbins said...

Hammer it out dude, it's all on the line tomorrow...just go easy on the syrup and you should be fine!!

saschasdad said...

Dude, this was a team race. We both had good moments, we both had not-so-good moments. We could just as easily say we lost 2 overall spots because of my day 2 performance. We both did all we could do on each day, and really, that's all we can ask of each other.

It was fun, and it was painful. Thanks, dude.