Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4

Today was 14.23 miles with 3009ft of gain. Eggs, a banana, mass quantities of peanut butter, 4 pankakes and more syrup than I've probably had in my entire life total were almost the end of my race and our chances. The run was basically 3,000ft up, 3,000ft down. Just shy of the top I felt good and lead the charge with salt stick chasing hard. We ran ok on the way down, but I feel like we should have hammered with a bit more gusto. The final 2.5 of slightly downhill road we burnt with sub 6 min miles, and some great teamwork.

We finished 8th in 2hrs 15min. I think we are in 7th place overall now. Our boys Eric & Max won the day again and put some more time in on saab Salomon. Congrats again guy!

24 miles with 4,500ft of gain tomorrow.

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