Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 2 Men's Open Podium

The fast guys. Unfortunately Saab Salomon lied about cutting course today (middle two). They said they only cut on the way up. Even though Tony saw them cut "at least three switchbacks" on the way down. Probably gaing 5-10 min. So they won the stage by 1 min over nike rogue valley (eric skaggs/max king)- who are now the overall race leaders. Congrats guys!

Sean and I are now 9th overall after coming in 11th today. We are 33mins off Eric & Max & 20ish off podium (3rd). We start with 5 sucky road miles tomorrow, but it's a 24 mile day. If Seans legs recover we might be able to make some time. With 3 out of the 4 days left being longer (24, 14, 21, 23miles) I am hopeful. Either way this has been a great & wildly fun experience.


Eric Taft said...

Ahh, hope pass, the best part of the leadville 100, beautiful scenery and great up and down. Cutting the course, I guess an accidental elbow here and there, in strategic locations, might slow them down a little. Did you try the scones at the proving grounds coffee shop, to die for. Too bad all the stages are so short, you guys will have an advantage when they do become somewhat longer.

garobbins said...

Sounds like a crazy competitive race this year! The next few days will certainly favor you guys and I'm sure you'll be moving up the ranks with each mountainous mile logged. Shitty news about a top team cutting course!