Monday, August 18, 2008

Congrats All Around

massive congrats!! to sean meissner for winning the toughest marathon out there. the crater lake marathon. this is my teammate for the transrockies!! oh wait, maybe that isn't such a good thing. article on it.

also congrats to trevor garner and kim taft for some fantastic running in nasty conditions at the leadville 100 ultra. apparently 80% of the runners dropped, 40 degree temps and snow! well done trevor (23hr 44min) and kim (27hr 42min)... results

leadville 100 mtn bike race
i had two coaching clients in this race. both rocked it! dj brooks took home a buckle by riding 11hr 21min! my other superstar cathi cannon rode an impressive 12hr 45min. i am so proud of both of you! you put in the hard work - and the results speak for themselves. complete results.

last year dave wiens beat floyd landis for his 5th victory. this year he beat lance armstrong for his 6th. here is a great video interview with them both after the race.

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