Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Congrats To the Girls of Badwater!

i have amazing friends, this is undeniable.

lisa smith-batchen; lisa embarked on a three part epic to raise $500,000 for aids orphans (lisa's 810). 1st stage: she ran 140+ miles from las vegas to the start of the 2008 badwater 135. which she did.. 2nd stage: run badwater... and this just in - i just got of the phone with lisa and she finished badwater in 47hrs 17min! so she gets a sub 48hr buckle! congrats lisa!

my DART-nuun adv racing teammate jen segger also put in a great effort by taking 9th overall at badwater. she was 5th female in 32hrs 31min! congrat seegs!

i don't know jamie donaldson personally, but she is a fellow montrailian... and she crushed this race. so i have to say - i'm impressed jamie. she set a course record by running the 135 miles in 26hrs 51min! 3rd overall. damn.

badwater results


Becky said...

Go Ladies!! There are some seriously amazing and inspiring women out there.

Big (belated) congrats to you on Devil's Backbone! Wow - you crushed it! :-)

Hart said...

go ladies is right.. i'm inspired!

thanks for the congrats on backbone - awesome race!

Bob Gentile said...

Great BW event this Year! Congrats to all !

Jamie's splits through Lone Pine(122 miles)crushed the entire field- men/ladies.

05:18:00 6.08 mph nobody was close and this was AFTER 3 hours of her puking on and off, damn tough ass DETERMINED Winner :-)