Thursday, July 3, 2008

Teton Livin

it's a done deal my friends. i have moved here to driggs, idaho at the foot of the teton mountains.

i've accepted a position working with jay and lisa smith-batchen at dreamchasers. we have some really big ideas but to start i'll be coaching camps, coaching online and race directing. i'm so excited i can't really even convey it here in the blog.

my week in bend had my head swirling with possibilities of moving there. i had an offer of sorts from my buddy rod bien to race direct and coach out of his fleet feet bend store. when i left i was basically thinking i'd give that a shot after the summer adventures (rod thanks for thinking of me!).

but the tetons keep pulling me back! lisa and i had talked about joining forces for the last couple of years. so it was fate that brought me to the tetons again this year. i really can't seem stay away from this place! a week of coaching the dreamchasers ultrarunning camp together showed me that working with jay and lisa would be a true joy. lisa is, as most of you know, a legend in our sport and someone who has an innate ability to get the very best from everyone around her. i saw it during camp. she is overflowing with positive energy. it's why she is so successful. she inspires. it also doesn't hurt that we have very similar coaching styles and philosophies.

so that's it.. the big news. i am ecstatic, to say the least.

buck mountain on my crampon trek yesterday


Bob Gentile said...

Congrats Matt on ur move, those are two good people to team up with!!!!

Great video clip below and make sure when you go up Fred's the next time to let him know Gentile is coming fo ya, little freddy :-)

Congrats again and I am now going to stand my treadmill up against the wall and train on it-haha

AnthonyP said...

Lisa mentioned to me earlier today that you had set up shop in the Batchen home...Great move all around. D

oes this now mean that I, as a Dreamchaser and client of Lisa's for over 3 years, get the benefit of Matt Hart training advice !?!

Ty Draney said...

Glad to have you in this neck of the woods. We'll get some trail time soon.

HappyTrails said...

Congrats on the move Matt - seems to really fit you much better than the Utah outfit. Enjoy it and don't beat the campers down too badly...


Hart said...

thanks for all the positive comments gang..

anthonyp - yes! you now have access to my brain. ;O

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Let me know where I can throw my tent up at....ya know that I am coming to visit. No way am I passing up the chance to come & visit. I just have to run across Death Valley first.....
Congrats. seegs.

Anonymous said...

congrats Hart!! Nice move -- can't wait to visit. Tough to beleive you won't be just down the street but we'll make do.