Sunday, July 27, 2008

Teton Circumnavigation Scouting Run July 27 2008

i finally got it done! the teton circumnavigation run i have had in my mind since winter 05/06 and have been drooling over finally happened. i have to say it was probably the best run i've ever done. i think as of now i have to give it the top spot on my amazing run list for the following reasons: the terrain was diverse and tough (snow/scree/butter), for a short"ish" run it was hard, the views were best in this world good, the company was awesome, the tetons are truly a wild place (we saw a black bear and a bull moose).. and really how cool is it to run around the frickin tetons!?!

as i've said before i plan on setting the precedent for this route and taunting the rest of the jackson and teton valley craziest to come best my time. this run however was our scouting run. we navigated, took photo/video, talked about what peak was what, had a bonk, chatted with a few folks, etc, etc.

we added about 6 miles by running in and out of the furthest string lake parking lot. this is so we could soak in string lake when we were done. jenny lake lodge just isn't close enough to the water. the route i planned started at junction of the cascade canyon trail and the valley view trail at the north west end of jenny lake and ran counter clockwise. we then headed up cascade canyon, over hurricane pass, down into alaska basin up buck and static pass then down into death canyon and onto the valley view trail past taggart and bradley lakes all the way north back to the junction of valley view and cascade canyon trail.. what a ride.

the stats:
  • 33.7miles (40 mile total with string lake)
  • 8,165 feet of elevation gain
  • 9hr 10min 24sec total non stop clock for just the loop (not including the string lake section)
trevor, mike, me and melissa on string lake (1min into the run - we saw a black bear about 2mins later)

running toward jenny lake at 6:35am

heading up cascade canyon to hurricane pass (we saw a bull moose!)

heading up hurricane pass at 10,700 feet

mikey evans rockin' it with buck mtn in the background

mike and melissa running down from static peak

trevor navigating some dodgy terrain

my gear:
my shoes: montrail streakswith teko ecopoly socks
electrolytes: nuun (orange ginger all the way)
backpack: Nathan HPL #020
bottles: thermal quickdraw
filtration: i got a chance to really test the new msr hyperflow
fuel: clif shots (still lovin' vanilla)
sunglasses: rudy project ekynox sx
jacket: the mountain hardwear ghost anorak
shorts: mountain hardwear dipsea short
my post run: amazing grass wheat grass


Brad G. said...

Awesome Run Matt!!! Truly inspiring. I also happen to know you rocked a great time a couple of days later. Way to set the bar. Look-out AT!

Hart said...

hey thanks brad! yeah i set out to run it 'fast' today and ran a 6hr 29min loop. blog on that coming soon.

it was another amazing day out there in the tetons... wow.

Steve Bohrer said...

Cool trail link-up. I'll have to add that to the list. How was the snow on Hurricane Pass? A buddy and I are running from Teton Canyon to String Lake on Sat.

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

K - Sold - sign me up! If you keep talking about these epics, I am just going to have to get down there eh! Heading to South Africa this weekend to race The Bull so my Teton trip might have to wait until the Fall. Would that work?

Hart said...

steve b: there is no snow on hurricane. on the way from hurricane you drop into alaska basin and there is a bunch of snow there to contend with. i fell in up to my waist running it again yesterday. a bit scary! down static is very snowy too. and that is no fall terrain for sure.

seegs: you HAVE to come visit! fall works but we'll have to manage schedules. i'll be in the galapagos islands for a whole month oct/nov coaching running camps, but we'll work around it.

Gary Robbins said...

Looks amazing dude! Truly reminds me of some of that Banff, Rocky Mountains terrain.
Galapagos for running camps, WTF, jealous dude!!

Hyperphil said...

Did this loop in 2006, it was great. July 4 weekend. I took too much time taking pictures and came out of dark canyon just before twilight. I was nervous abut running in unfamiliar woods at night, so I hitched a ride with a ranger. She told me I was wise-- there have been grizz sightings on the front south of Jenny. I didn't even know that, but I'm glad I bailed when I did. Still got in just under 30 miles and over 100 pics. I think I took around 8 hours.