Saturday, July 26, 2008

Table Mountain Run

i am truly in awe of the mountains i live at the foot of.

since the devil's backbone i've been trying to let my two issues heal up a bit for my august to remember; the psoas/hip flexor and my morton's neuroma i have in my left foot.

a few of lisa's friends were going out to run table mtn. the winter i was here taking avy and ski guiding courses i had heard table was a great alpine ski tour. it certainly looked like it, so i figured it was time to check it out.. and lisa's friends were nice enough to let me join them.

mike, melissa and trevor heading up after the steep part called 'the nose'

the view is about to unveil itself

that is the top of table just poking up in the distance

the summit grins at 11,106 feet

whoa, can i touch those tetons?

from about 7,000ft we went up the nose to the summit of table (11,106 ft) in about 1hr 31min. we continued our comfy consistent pace down the 6 mile long way in 1hr 19min of awesome downhill running.

cascade canyon (that is the run up for the teton circ i have planned)

trevor and mike running the downhill from table

melissa, mike and trevor

mike chasing the nuun guy

running down towards the north fork of teton creek

*** this run gave me a look at the snow up high. if you read my blog you know i've been chomping at the bit to run around the tetons - the teton circumnavigation. i have yet to hear of anyone actually doing this.. but at only 33-34 miles i imagine many have hiked it. the question is...

has anyone ever heard of someone doing a loop around the tetons for speed?

i'll go on record now as saying i'm going to set the precedent as soon as i can manage. then set it out there on my blog and hopefully on for all the amazing athletes of the tetons to come and beat!

as we looked over the terrain i went to work talking mike, melissa and trevor into doing the teton circ the very next day... it wasn't very hard!


brennen said...

Set the record, then send it to Peter Bakwin:

saschasdad said...

First of all, the nuun guy needs a frickin' haircut.

As I recall from my Teton days, the entire circumnavigation of the Tetons is closer to 60 miles. Obviously, you and I are looking at different loops. I think mine included Cascade Canyon in the north, and the Village in the south. When I come out to visit, we can do my loop. And my sweet 25 miler up at Brooks Lake. And the my favorite 25 mile Death Canyon loop. And go for a record of the Middle and South in the same day. And go up Table again. And go up Cache Creek a long ways into the wilderness. And run in the Teton Wilderness from the trailhead where we camped in the park. And eat tasty nachos at Signal, and big greasy burgers at Billy's...sigh...

Hart said...

thanks brennen. i'll email him the stats from today's 6hr 29min circumnavigation. it's not super fast but it will do until someone fast decides it's worth a try.

sean - give me some time. the 60 mile circumnavigation might have to go down in sept.. i leave for basically all of august tomorrow. that is if we're not buried in snow already in sept!