Monday, July 21, 2008

Shots from Grand Targhee

"people are always going to underestimate you. why not start quietly doing what no one thinks you can?"

rode up to targhee on the mtn bike from driggs today and was just going to hike up fred's (top of the lift at 10,000ft). however once i got up there the nipple and peaked were calling me. it gave me a great look at alaska basin which i trekked up a few weeks ago. it's melted out a lot. you can see in the photos what was once a massive snow field is now patchy at 10,000ft. that is great news.. but i won't be able to do a teton circumnavigation until who knows when. i'm gone most of august on the AT w/meltzer and racing through colorado w/meissner.

i must have said "wholly sh*t" 100 times on this hike. the backcountry skiing options from targhee are endless and amazing! seriously.. endless and amazing.

the tetons from the trail that wraps around the back side of the nipple

the back side of mary's nipple

looking back at fred's from the ridge (those cliffs on the left.. i'm droppin 'em!)

looking out towards the granite basin lakes

who doesn't wanna live here?


Trail Goat said...

If you're up for some slow company, I'm dying to do a Teton circumnavigation sometime. I've been thinking of it since my trip to GTR and Jackson last year.

Hart said...

i'm up for it trail goat. how about this weekend?

Gary Robbins said...

Hey bud, I haven't had a chance to check out yer blog for a bit, great quotes and solid advice throughout!
You'd love BCBR and I know you'd kill it!!

Hart said...

who knows.. maybe BCBR is in my future!