Monday, July 14, 2008

News From My Ultra World

set a goal and pursue it relentlessly.

in the news:

  • bruce grant at hardrockmy oh my - kyle skaggs crushed the hardrock 100 course record jurek set last year running 23hr 23min on quite possibly the hardest 100 mile course on earth. durango herald article, results & olga's great photo album
    ** massive congrats to nuun ultrarunner bruce grant for 14th place in 35hr 03min! (photo on right) & roch horton 12th in 34hr 20min!

  • badwater 135 miler through death valley started this morning
    -lisa smith-batchen finished part 1 of her 810 by running from las vegas to badwater (updates). right now she's running badwater and will summit mount whitney at the end! good luck lisa!
    -i'm cheering for my DART-nuun teammate jen segger to win badwater! she is tough as nails - you can do it jen!
    ...and i can't leave out our dreamchasers ultrarunning camp champ - bob becker - go bob go!

  • the tour de france has been tons of fun to watch... and only one doper caught so far! how stupid are you manuel beltran? come on.

  • a couple of weeks ago... after our double up teton pass we hit the river for a leg soak then pica's in wilson for some fantastic mexican food. it didn't take long before the jackson buzz made it's way to our table and we heard about what jimmy chin had just pulled off solo. dood is bad ass. jimmy if you ever want a partner give a brotha a call.


Chandler said...

Between Hardrock, Badwater, the Tour and Devil's Backbone it has been an awesome couple weeks of racing. Great job at Devil's Backbone, I think your short time at altitude is paying off!

Bob Gentile said...

I cannot believe the ladies... six out of ten are women --- wow they are chicking the BW field this year....very cool :-)

and Big COngrats to Jamie D. on her CR !!

Eric Taft said...

Well, make that two riders caught doping. Maybe they didn't get the memo in Spain 'you will be tested'. The sport of pro cycling almost seem destined to destroy itself. Great run in Montana, very impressive, indeed.