Monday, July 7, 2008

Lisa's 810 Is About To Get Started!

well this morning at 6am i dropped lisa off at the jackson airport for her amazing 810 journey. she is running "Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney along with the 135 mile Badwater race. To top it off, they added on the Furnace Creek 508 mile cycling race". here is the press release and lisa's blog.

the past couple of weeks here it's been awesome to witness the excitement in lisa's face every time someone donates. she has raised over $240,000 for aids orphans so far and is about half way to her goal of $500,000. if you would like to contribute visit and click "donate".

lisa has won badwater twice and has even run a double badwater - see the video below - it just blows my mind. planet jackson hole just published a nice article on her adventure too.

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