Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Haps.. in Photos

i rode to the darby canyon for my run

annabella = cute

the batchen's riding home from victor

trevor, me and z finishing up our wed night group run at targhee

me and gabby (and her milkie)


AnthonyP said...

I spoke with Lisa a few times over the last few days. Amazing that after wrapping up another buckle performance at Badwater she talked about her new live-in babysitter back home !!! Looks like you are having a blast with the Batchen kids.

Hart said...

i try to help where i can but jay is so on top of everything!

Bob Gentile said...

that's going to be me at the AS with my Milkie before my 4th climb up Freds --haha

email in the air to ya