Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1/2 Way There Yet?

we are at the exact 1/2 way point of the year. have you been working towards you goals? or are you making excuses?

as i think about my goals it's obvious that i haven't written down anything specific enough. the overarching goal has been to get faster at ultra distance running . it's a tricky process, but i feel like i absolutely have improved as an ultrarunner. if i have to pick one goal right now i'd have to say it's to win a 100 mile ultramarathon. with that i look at what i have planned. although it's great training for the one 100 miler i have scheduled - the grindstone 100 oct 3rd.. it certainly seems like a lot of eggs in one basket. especially with krissy moehl threatening to chick me (and countless other david horton disciples as well).

anyway, today take stock in how far you have come. take a deep breath and refocus for the second half.. it's going to be an amazing ride!


AJW said...


Great posts from the Teton Camp. And, about winning a 100 mile race: don't obsess too much, it took me 15 tries to finally win one. It feels good but it feels better if it comes after some hard work. I got five 2nd's before I won. That was sweet!

Keep enjoying the dream summer!


Hart said...

thanks ajw! i bet the camp photos bring back great memories of your gt100 victory last year!

as for winning 100: i will try not to obsess. i truly enjoy the process of training so much and getting out there that it really doesn't matter if i win anything. i mean take today for example, i'm about to leave the lisa/jay's house in driggs ride 10 miles to the trail head and run 20 miles to over 10,000ft.. and there isn't a cloud in the sky! how lucky am i? very. =)

Bob Gentile said...

You will get ur 100 win...umm not sure if it's at grindstone that looks like a friggin tough ass course...and like u said you have Miss Hardrock coming :-)

Have a great second half of the year, I plan too !