Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wasatch Front 100 Run

salt lake city is awesome. the options for amazing trail running and riding seem endless. in quick order you can be out of the city up one of the many canyons that run east.

sunday was a beautiful sunny day with temps reaching the mid 80's. i rode my bike to roch horton's house and we drove up parley's canyon to our starting point - mile 53 aid station at lamb's pass on the wasatch 100 course. i couldn't have asked for a better tour guide on this amazingly beautiful and tough terrain. roch, who runs for the patagonia ultrarunning team is running the upcoming big horn 100 miler on june 20. we ran north"ish" past emmigrant pass and up to the mile 39 aid station at big mountain pass, where the mormon's first crossed the mountains into slc.

roch had treated me to his weekly hill session the day before. repeats on mount olympus to the first stream and back.. 3x for a total of about 4,300 feet of climbing. it was awesome! i woke up happy to not be sore the next day, but i had absolutely no spunk in my legs for this wasatch trail run. we made it from lamb's pass to big mountain pass in 2:57 with the majority of the climbing on the way out. totals for the day were about 28 miles in 5:37 with 6,400 feet of gain. so sweet.

my gear:
shoes: montrail streaks with teko ecopoly socks (zero blisters, they are a thing of the past for me with this shoe/sock combo!)
electrolytes: nuun orange ginger (my new favorite!) and u
fuel: clif shots and clif bloks
sunglasses: rudy project ekynox sx - perfect for coming in and out of the treed areas. the lenses change on their own and i don't even notice.

coming soon.. the video footage! (it's uploading now)


WynnMan said...

what an awesome run. Okay so I will ask yet again as I did on Meltzer's last post. Obviously you made the right decision not to go forward with a job that would not make you happy. But... and I'll be straight forward and probably none of my business, but always have been curious, so pardon the hoof and mouth disease, but how does one survive and be able to pay all the bills, travel, gas, etc... I mean sponsors don't cut all the mustard in this lonely sport of ultras. How do guys like Anton and others with out a full-time job do this stuff particularly when the economy is not so hot. Damn I try and live a simply as possible, but the reality is that I would not survive with out a full- time job not only to support myself but my running as well. Ultra running aint cheap.

take care,

Hart said...

for me (and karl actually as well) we piece it together with sponsors, coaching/teaching and living the ultra (froogle) life. if you want it bad enough you just make it work. it's never been easy, and it's a progression as your relationship with your sponsors grows.

now that my condo is rented i'll be living in my van and traveling all summer. no mortgage payment.

WynnMan said...

Thanks for the info Matt. Don't most sponsors just give product. I have a hard time believing ultra products make enough money to write monetary checks to sponsored athletes. I mean hell, not even the Brooks Hanson squad in Michigan live on that sponsor. Most of those guys like Sell, and my buddy Reneau have a side job. And marathon world is much more glamorous and lucrative than Ultras.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

wonderful...does not look like much snow:)

Hart said...

yeah i think roch chose that route because it was low enough to be snow free. up high there is still crazy snow.

Darren said...

Matt-I live alittle north of SLC in Ogden,you should come up here and check out some of the trails.I'd be happy to show you around.How long will you be staying in Utah?
Lisa-Snowbird ski resort is still open on weekends for skiing.And from the look of things today,it's probably snowing up there right now.

Hart said...

darren i appreciate the offer! however tomorrow i'll be helping out at the squaw peak 50 miler. showing off nuun of course. sunday will likely be a lay low day and i fly home on monday. maybe next time i'm in slc.