Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Fun Baby!

i'm currently hashing out my summer plans... here are some of my ideas:

  • monday i head to bend/sisters, oregon to train with meissner. we'll hopefully also get out with rod bien and krissy as well. i'm praying for sun. this is dependant on the vw being fixed. =(
  • big horn 50 - i'm not even close to in shape to run well so don't expect much, it will be perfect training for the bullet points below however.
  • possibly a whole month camping and training in the wind river range (read this!) **i'd love/will need some company
  • run the speedgoat 50km??
  • running the entire maine section of the appalacian trail with meltzer in 6 days!
  • gortex transrockies 6 day ultra through colorado with meissner!
  • epic adeventures in the shire in september
  • grindstone 100 miler in virginia


Ty Draney said...

Leland and I have been talking about doing a "through" trip of the Wind Rivers for several years. Maybe we can squeeze it onto the calendar.

Hart said...

YEAH DRANEY!! let's make this happen buddy.