Sunday, June 8, 2008

Squaw Peak 50 Miler 2008 - Provo Utah

yesterday cheryl, karl and i headed over to the squaw peak 50 miler. nuun was a sponsor and was at all the aid stations to replenish the runners electrolytes. this was cheryl's first attempt at 50 miles. with the 9,000+ft of climbing, snow to posthole through, rough rockie trail and elevation she chose a not so easy one for her first! i applaud her courage.

wasatch speed goat runners scott mason and bryon powell

the race starts at 5am and it was raining and cold. i felt bad for cheryl and the rest of the hearty soles towing the line. karl, bryan (who writes a great ultra blog of his own), joan and i then drove to the 1/2 way point. karl was pacing cheryl the last 25 miles and had mentioned i should just run it myself. sounded like a perfect way to get 25 good hard miles in and check the course out. since i was't a paying customer i carried in my nathan 020 pack all i needed to be self sufficient. 120 oz of water is heavy! although i started out very slow in the rain, it turned out to be a great run. if you are curious what the course looks like check out the video i took of it. i've added squaw peak to the list of must runs.

the trail was rocky, snowy, buttery smooth and shoe sucking muddy at times and once again the montrail streak held up beautifully!.. although i would not consider them a great mud shoe there wasn't a ton of mud. the streaks combined with the "best socks on the planet" my feet have never been so happy.

the race start in the dark rain

i was kicking in steps as i went at times

karl and cheryl - congrats cheryl on your first 50 miler!

video of 1st, 2nd and cheryl's finish...

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